Celery Salad
Celery Salad
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Pegasus
Faction Formerly Evil Pony-Bat Mutant, Hayfield 64
Description Briefly Terminally Ill With Brain Cancer, Frozen Brain Reduced Intelligence, Mutated DNA Made Her Misguidedly Villainous
Skills and Abilities (As Bat-Pony) Similar Abilities to Flutterbat, As Well As Any Bat
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Baltimare (Hometown)
  • Hayfield 64 (Current Working Residence)
Alignment Reformed

Celery Salad is a teenage Pegasus pony from Equestria who was raised by a biochemist father, Dr. Fruit Salad, and a mother who died of brain cancer. She was afraid that she would get this same condition, and she actually does. Fearing for her life, her father was forced to magically stabilize her brain to keep her cancer frozen until he can find a cure. This spell had a few side effects, making Celery's IQ drop down a bit, alters her personality from smart and decisive to gullible and lightheaded, but still having awareness. But her fate would take a dark turn when Fruit comes across a serum derived from Vampire Bat and Vampire Fruit Bat DNA, turning her into a vampire-pony who eats fruit and blood, and rounds up an army of genetically-engineered Super-Bats that were a result of magic caused inter-species breeding, and will come after the greatest source of Pony-Bat DNA mix: Fluttershy, just for the misguided cause of saving everyone from the horrors of sickness: turning everyone into Vamponies... Yeah, again, her better judgement is tainted by Bat DNA, and 5 years under a brain freezing spell, it's likely something like this would end up turning unpleasent soon.


Celery Salad Vampire

Celery Salad Bat Form

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