Celestia has a problem: her parents (who were reserected by King Barror Reef who he was reserected by the trident of benvolence thanks to Discord) want her and Luna to marry two attractive but obnoxious Alicorn princes from a neighbering nation bigger then Equestia's for the sake of peace, and because they think Shen would not make a suitable ruler because of his past, and incredable failure to give Discord a chance, even though Discord is under savailence because his reformed status is still abit shakey. when Shen hears of this, he is outraged. he goes forth to prove to those stuck-ups that he's more equil to have Celestia's hand, then some obnoxious prince. well, looks that that chance is gonna come, because a legendary giant bird called the Rok kidnaps Celestia and Luna. now, Shen drags Boss Wolf into saving the princesses, not only from a giant bird, but from a terrable relationship. will Shen be able to prove his wrothyness to Celestia's well meaning but stupidly over-protactive and unreasonable parents?

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