Celestius Ravenna Ravwen
Vital statistics
Title Celestial Mage, AUU Raven Branwen/Summer Rose (OUU Residents)
Gender Female
Race/Species Celeste
Faction Leader of Remena Mage Council
Description Wise But Often Misguided, Heavily Optimistic, Noble
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, High-Level Magic, More Agile and Atheltic then she appears
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Remena (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Rewben System) (Homeworld)
Alignment Good
Celestius R. Ravwen is an Alternate UUniversal Celeste from Planet Remena. She is a celestial equine who had went through several reincarnations and is the mother of Rewbeny Ravwen and Obower Yong Ravwen. She was recently reincarnated as a Jeerien who gave birth to Rewbeny and Obower and due to having duties as leader of the Remena Mage Council, she left the two in the care of her brother Blue-Eye Felox, as well as their father Taliwan Ravwen, who was with her in Team CYTB before being part of the Mage Council with a secret Summer Mage named Yale Flaxen who went missing during their last mission. As time passed, she ascended into a Celeste like she did in her previous incarnations, and with the guidance of her father, Grandmaster Magilon, who ascended to a mystical turtle called a Wyrtle, she lead the Council well. However she had a knack of making questionable decisions like bringing in the infamous target of her enemies Magemaster Ura'nus Azzhole as a member, and making costly choices for her daughter Rewbeny, who inherited her Celestial Eyes that allows her to scare off Grimaces and seemingly disfigure Tephra for seemingly killing her boyfriend. Her first incarnation helped found the Council with the help of 4 Seasonal Mages: The Spring Mage, The Summer Mage, The Fall Mage, and the Winter Mage, who all harnessed the power of 4 relics that represent the best of the sentient mind, and since their fabled tale, their power spread out into independent mages whose power and relics were all sought by Grimmess Occultra and stolen, and the Fall Mage was the last one they sought during the Fall of Dell Academy.


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