Celia Archaea Pteryxski
Vital statistics
Title Assistant Mayor Pteryxski, Assistant Mayor Celi, Miss Celi
Gender Female
Race/Species Archaeopteryx lithographica
Faction Assistant Mayor of Dinosica (Currently)
Description More Intelligent Than Species Standards, Aggravated At Times, Speciesist In Secret, Manipulative, Resourceful, Distrusting To Bigger Dinosaurs Closetly, Perfectionist
Skills and Abilities Natural Dinosaur Abilities, Flight, Resourceful Intelligence
Status Alive
Location Zootopian World
  • Mesozoic District, Dinosica (Hometown)
Alignment Secretly Evil

Assistant Mayor Celia A. Pteryxski is an Archaeopteryx lithographica who lives as the assistant mayor of the prehistoric underground of Zootopia called Dinosica. She is an underappreciated creature who was stereotyped as being 'as dumb as a bird', and thus she became an apparently-useless assistant mayor whom Mayor Rex might have brought in because of the 'Archaeopteryx Vote'. However, in truth, she is a smart girl who wishes to do something grand for Dinosica and it's citizens, and thus formed a conspiracy involving a supremacy of Paleos, Mesos, and Cenos all over Dinosica using something that is not Night Howlers and Day Dreamers, but it's evolutionary ancestor in the form of an algal infection that has the same effect, turning targets savage and later curing them to make people fear that they may be 'reverting back to their primal ways'. Her reasons are not like that of Bellwether, as it is far worse as she may also have been one of the many people whose ancestors founded the Jurassic Evolutionaries given the large Evolutionary tattoo on her back, hidden clearly by her feathers. However, that doesn't mean she's senseless about her actions and it's more then just to make "predatory" and "Bigger Animals" suffer, (though a personal self-indulgent goal), as she kept consistent with her ansisters goal of eliminating discrimination in both dinos and "Moderns" and basicly make "Socity evolve from their primitive mindsets" and create a truely utopian place of tolerence and acceptence, as always been the dream of Celi's family because of her kind being discriminated as morons and idiots because of their ties to early birds, which weren't exactly geniuses, and these steriotypes prevented her from atthiving her dream of being mayor of Dinosica and instead the assisent of Rex, who's not nessersarly intentionally abusive but not exactly apologenic about being demanding of her and lack of proper gradatude. But what she dislikes about him most is the fact he is planning a grand opius to have all of the prehistorics return to the serface, something she fears because her family beliefs warned that discrimination has kept unchanged in even the surface dwellers, so it inspired her to encourage the includtion of surface animals to commit acts as part of their mission to rid discrimination through hsitoric enough events. She even masterminded the events through Bellwether, and two others, Senator Whyte Ty Ger and even Mayor Swineton, and who knows what else. But thanks to heroes in the surface, all those three had failed ineditably and miserably, making Celi want to resort to do something big enough that the Evolutionaires become strong enough to better combat "these plan ruiners", pretty much resulting to co-ordenate "Mass Savaging" with other co-members of the Evolutionaires in Dinosica. Like Bellwether, she's decivingly smart, only she goes far and beyond in making sure that her plans are flawwed free, including doing things like blackmailing Chief Tri-Tops with his treatment on Tracy Coelies among other things, and makes sure the Evolutionaires evolve from any failures of past attempts.


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