Hugo Visp Blaze
Vital statistics
Title Celsius
Gender Male
Race/Species Homocephalus
Faction Villains Act (Formerly), Darkness Qui (Formerly), Professor Eagle Beak
Description Being of Pure Fire, Hot-Tempered At Times, Sick Sense of Humor
Skills and Abilities Varying Levels Of Pyrokinesis, Sublimation, Weak To Water And/Or A Lack Of Heat, Daredevil Skills
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Lue Bue, Peezitar (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Chrissilia System) (Hometown)

Original UUniverses

  • Eagle-Beak's Castle (Unknown location)
Alignment Evil

Hugo V. Blaze, AKA Celsius, is an Alternate UUniversal Homocephalus from Planet Peezitar. He is one of Darkness Qui's assistants with the ability of pyrokinesis. Celsius may be an octopus, but he doesn't need water to stay alive, instead he needs heat. He was once a daredevil known as the Calamari who was considered invincible, and had won 100 deathmatches a year. Then came his 101th deathmatch that involved an experimental pyrotechnical deathcourse that disintegrated him into ash. But it also made him into a being made of pure fire. The incident also made him highly intelligent and sophistocated from the experience. This led him to become second honcho to Darkness Qui and the Villains Act. He more or less has to put up with the somewhat awkward Narcotic.


Hugo was born in an underwater city as the son of a retired daredevil. When he became 14, Hugo wanted to be a daredevil as well, not because he enjoyed it, but because his father couldn't find a good job and his mother's job didn't give out that much money. He knew how much money his father got during his time as a daredevil, and wanted to make him proud. So he tried his first test when he became 17. He locked himself in an outhouse and set it on fire. His parents were scared, but Hugo survived by climbing out the roof without a scratch. His mother was disappointed, but his father was proud.

After taking a few lessons in escape artistry from his father until he died of Aminorrhea (An Alternate UUniversal bacterial disease which feeds off of the amino acids of the host), Hugo became a famous daredevil by age 20. He won 100 deathmatches in a single year. He survived being buried underground with a limited amount of air, he escaped a burning obstacle course, he escaped a chamber full of ammonia gas, he escaped a burning vehicle, he escaped being sliced in half by a laser while being restrained, and he survived a firework disaster.

Then when he became 22, Hugo decided to do his 101st daredevil stunt by using his own experimental pyrotechnical deathcourse which contained fireworks, TNT, electrified water, land mines, lava traps, and poison chambers. When he tried it, he survived, but he was turned into ash. When everyone assumed him dead, until he suddenly came back to life, and unintentionally commited arson cause he couldn't properly control his powers. He was arrested for the protaction of the public, though it's still recindised that it wasn't Celisus's intention to cause the trouble. He ended up becoming an interest for the governer of his people, Governer Calamari, who wanted to have him exspearimented so he can use his powers and it's secrets to make his people conquest-proof, even capable of such if it had to come to it. However, those plans were ruined by the VA and Darkness Qui breaking him out, and persauded him to start intentionally start arsons for the glory of the VA and helped him better control his powers. This eventally also made him intelligent and sophisticated. This eventually lead to him being part of the Villains Act as Darkness Qui's assistant.

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