Chad Vector Chadikoff
Chad Condor
Vital statistics
Title Chad the Bounty Hunter, Chad the Bloodthirsty
Gender Male
Race/Species California condor (Gymnogyps californianus)
Faction Swanluna
Description Old in Condor Years, Menacing, Deadly, Violent
Skills and Abilities Stealthy And Swift Flier, Smart, Cunning with Knives and Claws
Status Still at Large
Location Great Canyon, Accord (Homeland, Current Residence)
Alignment Villainous Bounty Hunter

Chad Chadikoff the Condor is a menacing Californian Condor bounty hunter who lives in a cave in the Great Canyon of Accord. Since he was bred in the San Concordance Zoo Safari Park in 1989, and released into the Great Canyon in 1991, he was an outcast among the other condors, and because of this, lived in the shadows collecting rewards for bounties, especially for Swanluna. He is old in condor years, but he is a ruthless, fast, and menacing killer.


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  • "Chessmate!"
  • "I will only do this for a price, amigo!"
  • "I will devour the sponge like a mouse! (Eats a live mouse, but winds up choking) UHHGH! BIGGER THAN IT LOOK! ONE SECOND! (Coughs) Holy moly! (Coughs, and takes out the mouse, who blabbers while covered in acid) Then I regurgitate him, then I will devour him second time! So 2 times devoured!"
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