Vital statistics
Title The Chimera
Gender Genderless (Though has sometimes been fefered to as a He.)
Race/Species Mewnian Artificial Monster Mutant
Faction Globgor's Anti-Mewman Superweapon (Formerly)
Description Monstrous, Feral, Violent, Bloodhungry, Despises Mewmans due to many torturious treatments and exspeariments that forced it to think so, Murderous, Somewhat sympathic.
Skills and Abilities Immense Size and Strength, Durability, Immeasurable Willpower, Deformities of Countless Powerful Extinct Mewnian Monsters, Magic Manipulation, Mutagenic Spitting Venom Turns Mewmans Into Monsters, Unbearably-Loud Roar, Held back by only a controlling conch shell.
Status Imprisoned
Location Mewni Dimention
  • Mewni (Star vs. The Forces of Evil) (Homeworld)
Alignment Unsentient, Without Actual Morals of It's own, Evil by proxy of being made for revenge.
Chaemera is an artificial Mewnian Monster from the world of Star vs. The Forces of Evil. Born from the magic incantations of the monster despot Globgor from biological material from long-extinct species of Mewnian Monsters wiped out during the Great Monster Massacre of Mewnipendence Day as a superweapon to drive away the ridiculously giant knights of the ancient king and queen of Mewni, Chaemera was capable of using magic against Mewmans, as well as turning Mewmans into monsters with mutagenic spitting venom. But the implementation of the beast was cancelled when Globgor married Queen Eclipsa, putting Chaemera into over 300 years of stasis until some troublemakers would free it.


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Chaemera has brute strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and agility. It has the ability to fly with massive wings, it can see in the dark, and it can resist many forms of damage. It's intelligence is also a blur as it's a relentless killer, it can hunt strategically, set traps, and hold things with it's two frontal arms. It has eight legs as to make sharp rotary turns like a spider. It's tail is muscular and can be used like a club.

Chaemera is particularly noted for it's mutagenic venom. Containing DNA from it's own genetics and it's prey, this venom can be inflicted by it's claws, it's frill barbs, it's back quills which can be launched at will, and it's long fangs. It's fangs are even capable of using magic, allowing it to use magic as an unpredictable defense mechanism. It's mouth is powerful but very deformed. This makes it's roar not only distorted, but still fearsome enough to strike fear in it's victims.

Chaemera's additional specialty is it's genetics. It's magic fangs are derived from the magic capabilities of the extinct Unicorons, it's Septarian genetics give it the ability to regenerate from even the most intense of critical conditions, it possesses indestructible and yet regenerative teeth from extinct Yinner-Dinner DNA, it's ability to change color and turn it's non-camouflage-capable body parts invisible from the DNA of the extinct Neets, it can rapidly mutate in any harsh environment thanks to the DNA of the extinct Klumagnonos, it has the extinct Skullcauris' ability to increase in strength when infuriated, the fangs, frills, and crests are derived from the DNA of the extinct Ragons, it's speed comes from the DNA of the extinct Sclicks, and it's body is nearly gelatinous and therefore damage can be bounced back, absorbed, and adapted to, thanks to the DNA of the extinct Jello-Mellos. It even has Globgor's DNA, giving it the ability to change it's size, as well as Globgor's ability to use sonic, flaming, and ice breath.

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