Solomon Wirt Aggics
Vital statistics
Title Secret Founder A, Economist of the Villains Act
Gender Male
Race/Species Greater Cockot (Torvorsaur gallus)
Faction Villains Act
Description Power-Hungry, Egotistic, Bitter
Skills and Abilities Natural Raptor Agility, Wealthy
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Inorbon (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Homeworld)
  • (Current Location Unknown)
Alignment Evil
Chairman Solomon W. Aggics, anonymous name Secret Founder A, is an Alternate UUniversal Cockot from Planet Inorbon. He is a rooster-faced raptor and one of the many founders and prime leaders of the Villains Act who was in charge of economics and currency, as well as keeping track of the Villains Act's access to wealth, and was the one who helped the Villains Act gain full access to the AUU Currency Troupe after formerly working for them. However, for committing insurance fraud that made him rich due to being denied a bonus that could've earned him a cure for his mother's viral infection, he was fired, arrested, and after being forced to pay back everything he owed and being forced to sell his house due to spending some of the money he stole, he joined the Villains Act and earned them the entire Troupe by giving them all the codes and passwords for their security, earning him a life of luxury as he became the main banker and depositor for the Villains Act. However, Aggic was a known egoist, and even the Head Secret Founder finds his self-boasting to be an annoyence and has openly claimed that Aggic was the one thing "(He) doesn't miss about the Universes".


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