Challenger Children

Challenger Children

The Challenger Children are a fictional group of Superior children published in Kratos' XD Comix. These characters were meant to represent the imagination of the average child. It consists of 10 Superior children who were part of 20 children who were in an experiment meant to create a substance to allow children to efficiently control their developing superpowers. The experiment went awry, but while it did work, it also had other side effects. The 20 children were given adult/child intelligence, allowing them to talk, fight, and coordinate. The problem: half of the majority became evil. While the evil 10 became the Conquest Children, the other 10 became the Challenger Children meant to protect Kratos from their evil rivals. It has both the cuteness and hilarious childhood charm of Rugrats and the actioness of, well, Marvel and DC comics. But it's main attraction is it's mystery. In every issue, it's been slowly reveiled that the Conquest Children have actually been corrupted by an evil Superior businessman named Dr. Insantino, who has a charasmatic personality and a british accent who had an abusive childhood from a drunk father and an imcompident mother, and adopted the Conquest Children to both give them the childhoods and love he never had, and to use them for evil and terrorism. It would be up to the Challangers to save their mind-warped bretheren from Insantino and give him the most unpleasant time-out of his life.


Publication History

The creator of the Challnager children had a very tragic life. Samus Skreenoff was not a very rich girl. She had ten friends that she ended up being seperated from due to moving to another location, them moving away, and the like. She missed every single one. She also had to deal with a rather mean science shcool professor who was always rather harsh whenever she tried to talk about her family. One day, she discovered the that professor once lost his family to a tragic ship accsident. That's why, on his birthday of which he didn't planned on celebrating, she gave him the nicest gift of all, or at least what a poor girl was able to afford: a cheap tie. This melted the ice in the science professor's heart and thanked Samus by hugging her. He was careful to still treat her equily as the other students so they won't get jealious and treat her like a "Teacher's Pet" and became way nicer. Samus became more or less popular for managing to make a mean teacher nice, and earned the admiraton of even the strictist teachers, even the priceipal was impressed.

When Samus grew up, she began to make a previously independent series based on her feelings. The Challnager Children are based on her old friends and how kind they were. Dr. Insantino was based on what her old science teacher used to be, only abit more exaggerated, but the fact he acted kindly to the Conquest Children proved he had some potainional of good inside him if he was given the chance to open them, while the good doctor in the series representive the truely nice science teacher truely realised. The earlier non-XD Comic created characters, like the Conquest Children, represented her negitive exspeariences. The Conquest Children represented the troubles of childhood, cooties, bullies, egotisitical jerks, and many kid-based problems. The villain who used fear-based powers is based on the natrol childhood exspearience of fear and how to deal with it, and learning that it ultamately is nothing scary when you learn to congure your fears. Another villain represents the problem of the all too commen childhood problem of what happens if you don't accept life and grew up, albeit rather exaggerated and extreme, but it serves as a cautionary tale that sometimes failure to grow up and accept the reality of life leads to the ultamate failure in life. The comics eventally attracted the attention of XD comix, and Samus easily accepted the invitation to join. Her idea became popular enough that it spawned a spin-off with help of a friend who was a serious fan of the Conquest Kids and gave her an idea to reformed them so he can share his own childhood exspearience being inspired on how she made the challnagers, under her permission and supervision so it feels in-universe to her ideals while not conflicting too much to his.

However, her comics would fall victim to XD's attempt to introduse edger villains. For exsamlpe:

  • Thaddious was meant to be a good guy, based on Samus' positive exspearience with toys and was meant to be based on a very jolly and friendly toymaker of the same name. However, XD had her turned the character into a murderious super-villain that took part in a nasty series of controversey.
  • Villains like Youthinstagia and Bad Kitten were not Samus' ideas. They were suggested by friends and Superiors in part of making the series edgier. The first had the most controversey while later down the road times later, Bad Kitten would be among the more 'tamer" villains.

Fortunately, her series was actselly hit the least hardest comparied to that of the other comics.

She forgave them for given in to peer pressure by hypocritical critics and helped them get over their controversey. She was eventally able to plan a future reformation of the Toymaker villain while making the controverseal child abuser one more of a idiot later down the road, though it's stand-alone kidz spin-off didn't even suffered the blunt of the controverseal villains, it actselly worked in it's favor, since Anti-Hero series are best known to be darker then hero series, though the controversey exists. Samus still works with XD comix and the Challnager Kids and the spin-off are still big hits.

Comic History

In a Superior company called Sanitary Techs, over 20 Superior babies from scientist families have been chosen to become test subjects for a project meant to create a substance called Pedokinea, meant to allow a Superior baby to accurately control their developing superpowers in childhood. The top scientist running the experiment, Dr. Sanitaide, is sure that this experiment will be safe and painless to the kids. But problem is that he recently kicked a scientist from the project, Dr. Insantino, for having a drug that was too dangerous for Pedokinea, and that Dr. Sanitaide claimed ownership of the formula for the drug, unaware of the effects. As payback, Dr. Insantino snuck the drug into the Pedokinea and knew that no one would know it was him since they never knew it's effects. Once the Pedokinea is administered with the drug in it, the whole machine explodes in the reaction of the drug and the Pedokinea. The scientists are shocked at this, and the reaction left none of the drug left. Then, out from the smoke, the 20 kids are found unconscious, and taken to be recovered. When the babies wake up, they each discover that they can speak, show self-awareness, and can control their fully-developed powers. A lion cub named Tommy is the first to wake up, showing flight, invulnerability, super-strength, and heat vision. The same effects account for the other babies. However, 10 of them share rude behavior and begin destroying their containment rooms whereas the ones that aren't evil go out the easier way. All 20 babies are curious of the world they've been introduced to a few weeks or years ago, but with their artificially-accelerated brains, they learn about them quickly. The 10 friendly babies come across their evil bretheren, and while knowing and playing with each other in their lab tests, they ask them to calm down, but they refuse, and begin fighting. The fights cause a bit of crying, implying that they still have the qualities of a child's brain, and their baby-like nature usually gets to them. Their battles take them across the lab until the evil babies disappear without a trace after Dr. Insantino captures them. The friendly babies can't find them anywhere, but they come across the scientists that experimented on them, and they explain the accident, and how they had no idea what caused it, or how it made them the way they were. But they did take into account that the Pedokinea worked, but the formula had disappeared as well, assumed to have been destroyed in the battle. Still confused, the intelligent babies disappear from the lab and out into the city.

With their old brains giving them little awareness, they don't recognize the city they're in, discovering it to be New Sparta, Norarnere. They have no idea where their parents' homes are, or where they are, either. They just get lost in a concrete jungle, and stick together to survive with their powers. They dodge ground or air traffic, they fight off thugs, they avoid the sight of other pedestrians, but after a few days of exploring, they learn quicker and read books to make them understand it more. The news does reveal their disappearance to Kratos, making everyone aware to look out for a group of 10 talking babies, as well as another 10 that went missing before they did. The babies are forced to take care of themselves by finding food, water, and shelter. For food, they disguise themselves as adults and use the money they've collected in alleys, sidewalks, or drains, to buy up the food they need to survive. They even find water anywhere, especially telling what's safe to drink or not. As for shelter, they can barely imagine the awkwardness of intelligent babies being adopted by foster parents, so they decide that they need to be with each other. In 1 week, they find an abandoned mine shaft not too far from New Sparta, and they find that the rooms and tunnels are so large and so long, they find that it's a perfect place to hide. With the help of Pablo, they convert the entire mine into a top-secret hideout which is extremely hidden underground, with the mine-cart tracks being replaced with slides, chutes, ladders, or water slides. The 5 rooms of the mine are converted into the briefing room, the observatory, the lab, the medical bay, and the living compartment, including a few bedrooms and bathrooms meant to fit the needs of each team member. The architecture and the design was all made by Pablo, and is designed to accommodate and entertain their playful minds. They call themselves the Challenger Children, Tommy naming himself the leader, Turbo Child, and the other babies gaining their own superhero names.

Comic Books List

  • Challenger Children #1: Origins- The pilot comic which shows the origin and rise of the Challenger Children and how they came into protecting their new home.
  • Challenger Children #2: Mind of a Parent- The Challenger Children start to wonder where their parents are, and start missing them. All the while, this ends up leaving them trapped in the spell of Parental Mind, a mind-controlling member of the Conquest Children.
  • Challenger Children #3: Darkest Nightmares- The Challenger Children start getting nightmares lately. And when they try to shake it off, it only gets worse, especially when they find out that another Conquest Child named Nightmare, is behind it and is inducing nightmares on them.
  • Challenger Children #4: Punished- When the Challenger Children end up learning more about discipline, they are then robbed of their powers by the Conquest Child known as Punishment, and they must do whatever they can to get them back.
  • Challenger Children #5: The Smartest Baby- After Pablo ends up in a questionable state of how he became smart after gloating about it, he quickly loses his edge. Especially when the Conquest Children start to take advantage of it and steal all his inventions, leaving Pablo's evil brother, Brainstorm, to use it to take over Kratos.
  • Challenger Children #6: Entertaining or Not- When the Challenger Children end up getting sucked into little kids shows, they end up getting a craving for fun, and Conquest Children members known as The Trickery Twins, lure them to the amusement park called Mimzy World to manipulate this.
  • Challenger Children #7: Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin-Eater- When the Challenger Children end up facing a cryptic member of the Conquest Children, Cheater Boy, they end up lost in riddles that mysteriously go nowhere, like this villain is cheating. How can they outwit this villain when they can't predict what will happen with him?
  • Challenger Children #8: The Beast Within- The Challenger Children have recently been denied for certain things because of their size. This leads to some members gaining a Napoleon complex, and it won't play in their favor when a Conquest Child with the ability to turn into a massive beast. So it's up to Turbo Child to show them that being different can have advantages as well as disadvantages.
  • Challenger Children #9: Cooties- When Turbo Child ends up mysteriously sick one day, not from a common sickness, but of amplified new powers that he can't control. With their leader out of the picture, and Pablo in charge, they realize that the culprit is Conquest Child Cootie Girl, who ends up infecting other members with amplified powers until there is only one left. How will this play out?
  • Challenger Children #10: Secret of the Conquest Children Part 1- When the Conquest Children's leader, and Turbo Child's brother, Nega Child, ends up wanting to destroy the Conquest Children, he ends up not only destroying a portion of their hideout, but he accidentally leaves behind a secret to what's happening to the Conquest Children, and also a secret about the origins of both teams.
  • Challenger Children #11: Secret of the Conquest Children Part 2- The Challenger Children have discovered that a robbery has been committed in Sanitary Techs, and it's been done by the mastermind behind their origins, Dr. Insantino. They realize that he made the Conquest Children evil, and Turbo and Pablo feel that they owe it to their brothers to free them from their manipulation.
  • Challenger Children #12: Halloween Fright- With Halloween on the way, the Challenger Children are ready for their first trick-or-treat. However, they realize that upon returning, they get trapped by a frightening ghostly figure who is actually a vengeful former employee of Mimzy World who wants to destroy the Challenger Children for ruining him during their battle with the Trickery Twins.
  • Challenger Children #13: Young Trouble- The Challenger Children discover that a new employee has arrived on Sanitary Techs, and created a ray designed to turn wasted objects to young and fresh objects. But when Turbo Child ends up suspicious with the consequences a device could have, he realizes this employee is actually a supervillain who tried to turn the company into babies long ago for conquest until she was accidentally turned into a baby, and waited 16 years to reestablish her plan, and ends up turning the Challenger Children into adults not used to their new size and unable to fight. How will this play out?
  • Challenger Children #14: A Child-Abuser on the Loose- A supervillainous child-abusing criminal escapes prison and seeks revenge on Turbo Child's mother since she had her arrested as a cub for his abuse. So it's up to the Challenger Children, and the Stand-Lone Kidz to stop him before he finds the leaders' mother.
  • Challenger Children #15: Crazy Toy Story- When a child is blamed for the murder of his babysitter, the Stand-Lone Kidz discover that the toy he kept was actually a killing machine created by their favorite toymaker, Thaddeus, who was planning to spread his killing toys across Kratos through distribution, and activate them for a global takeover. So it's up to the Challenger Children and the Stand-Lone Kidz to stop him.
  • Challenger Children #16: Bad Kitten Part 1- The Challenger Children face off against a supervillain with a condition that prevents him from maturing. This villain wants to conquer Kratos by becoming big through an untold plan that involves the Challenger Children and Stand-Lone Kidz. But what could it be?
  • Challenger Children #17: Bad Kitten Part 2- The Challenger Children and Stand-Lone Kidz have been turned into regular babies again, and Bad Kitten has stolen their technology and become a giant robotic menace. Hopefully, his kind-hearted sister, Katren, is able to help the heroes out and they need to do what they can to stop Bad Kitten.
  • Challenger Children #18: The Return of Youthenasia- Dr. Insantino has brought Youthenasia back from the dead as a cyborg bent on destroying the Challenger Children. However, things backfire when Youthenasia starts getting a different personality following exposure to the heroes. How will this play out?
  • Challenger Children #19: Toy Store of Death- The Challenger Children end up trapped in a mysteriously-built toy store which is actually a trap set up by Thaddeus, and all the toys inside are more dangerous than the ones they fought before. Will they survive?
  • Challenger Children #20: Forget-me-Not- The Challenger Children all end up losing their memories thanks to Dr. Insantino. In an act of vengeance, he wants to use these children as his new Conquest Children, and it's up to the Stand-Lone Kidz and Dr. Sanitaide to save them and restore their memories.
  • Challenger Children #21: Animatronic Chaos- The Challenger Children, now that they've finally been able to locate their families, go to a harmless children's pizza restaurant for a reunion party. But things take a dark turn when it's animatronics are actually creations of Thaddeus, who plans to destroy them and their families for revenge. How will they survive?
  • Challenger Children #22: The Bigger, The Badder- Bad Kitten has returned, and he has gotten his hands on a size-manipulation device from Sanitary Techs and made himself huge, and has started to wreak havoc. With the Challenger Children and Stand-Lone Kidz the size of ants to him, he can basically be unstoppable when trying to kill them. Now the 20 children will have to find the size-manipulation device in order to restore Bad Kitten's size and stop him for good.
  • Challenger Children #23: The Haunted Funhouse- During a fun time in Mimzy World, the Challenger Children end up trapped inside a giant funhouse that may have a secret of it's own as it was actually designed by Bogeymenace before his rise to evil, yet he lost rights to it. They soon realize that Bogeymenace himself is the culprit and has transformed his old creation from a funhouse into a house of death. Will our heroes escape and stop Bogeymenace?
  • Challenger Children #24: The Switcheroo- After a horrible accident at Sanitary Techs, the Challenger Children and the Stand-Lone Kidz end up having their powers mixed up randomly, and cannot control them. And it happened at a bad time since Dr. Insantino has kidnapped Sanitaide before the process could be finished, hoping that the kids, with their powers mixed up, end up killing themselves by accident trying to save him. Will that happen?

(More coming soon...)


  1. Turbo Child- A Superior baby lion cub who is the leader of the CC. He is an excellent fighter and is the only one in the group that is more adult. He has the powers of flight, invulnerability, heat-vision, and super-strength.
  2. Diggs- A Superior baby mole who loves to play in the dirt and hates baths. When he even touches water, he gets angry and goes crazy. He is a fast digger, and takes his foes by surprise in the ground, and often makes traps in the ground for the bad guys. He has the ability of super-strength, X-ray vision, and has quick digging skills.
  3. Watt Girl- A Superior baby wolf who is scared of the dark, and always has a night-light on when in the dark. Her favorite place to be is inside power lines where she could race through wires, and she's the one who keeps the power of the CC recharged. She can control electricity, and can travel through power lines.
  4. Aqualicious- A Superior baby muskrat who is a water-loving child and loves to swim. She loves it so much that she has a 9ft pool in her room. She is a skilled swimmer, known for dodging sharks, mines, and other underwater hazards. She has the ability to breath underwater, and can control the water around her.
  5. Brawn Boy- A Superior baby bear who doesn't speak, and is very curious. He can be very excited, but sometimes, he can get out of control and cause accidents. His powers include super-strength and super-endurance.
  6. Pablo the Smart- A Superior baby chimpanzee child genius who is the brains of the team, and is an excellent inventor. He created the high-tech weapons, built all the vehicles, and designed the architecture of the entire CC hideout on his own. He always calls himself the smartest of the team, and he always has to be the one to tell the team about what it means being a baby, including burping, getting potty-trained, and other stuff. He has super-mentality, and he is also a telepath.
  7. Zoomer- A Superior baby ostrich chick who loves to run and always likes to tease the others, but he does it good enough to not get them crying. He is the quickest, and also the laziest. He spends his time playing video games, reading comics, and eating junk food. But of all his lazy habits, he always gets his exercise. He has the ability of super-speed.
  8. Invisichild- A Superior baby blue-tongued lizard who is extremely shy and doesn't like violence. She usually hides from danger, but mostly gains the courage to fight with her powers. She has the powers of telekinesis, force-field generation, and invisibility.
  9. Elastro- A Superior baby vervet monkey who is a bit of a showoff and when fighting crime, he does a lot of amazing stunts that lead to him getting hurt 5% of the time. He is the strategist of the team, and thinks of attack plans and tactics all on his own. He has the ability of elasticity.
  10. Thunderclap- A Superior baby penguin who is hot-tempered, and constantly rushes into battles without thought and challenges Turbo Child's leadership. He is the only member of the team who uses a weapon, a sword. He doesn't mind too much about violence, and he's been known to cause serious injuries, especially when his powers come into the picture. He has the power to control the weather and the air.



  • The Stand-Lone Kidz (Formerly the Conquest Children)- They are what the Conquest Children became when he went to a new leaf. They gave themselves new hero names, and gained their own comic book series. They never bothered to join the Challenger Children because of them still having negative qualities and for what they've done in the past. They moved to Zorba City where they made their new hideout in a sea cave which provides big enough spaces to accommodate their baby nature and their superhero needs, with the architecture designed by Brainstorm. The Challenger Children appear in their comics only 50% of the time.
  • Dr. Sanitaide- A Superior sheep who is responsible for the creation of the Challenger and Conquest Children. He is the creator of Pedokinea, the serum that was meant to allow baby Superiors to accurately control their developing powers, but Dr. Insantino injected a drug into the serum that caused the lab accident that created the super babies. The ones affected by the drug were the Conquest Children, and when Sanitaide discovers that Insantino stole a substance that could make the drug that makes the Conquest Children permanently evil, he got help from the Challenger Children and they took down Insantino and reformed the Conquest Children. Sanitaide now serves as a fatherly figure to the Challenger Children. His powers include super-mentality and electrical manipulation.
  • Katren Kittrina- A 25-year-old bobcat who was born with a rare condition that kept her from growing, leaving her to stay the rest of her life looking like a kitten. She is the sister of Bad Kitten who has been trying her best to help him with little success. She eventually helps the Challenger Children and The Stand-Lone Kidz battle her brother and defeat him. She has since earned the affection of the 20 kids with her determined, calm, and sassy personality, and her striking body (Which is pretty hot for baby standards). While she's trapped in a kitten's body, she and her body are still matured. Her powers include super-strength, super-agility, wallcrawling, teleportation, telekinesis, and invisibility.
  • Victorians (Rarely)- The Challenger Children first met the Victorians when they were dragged into their battle with Ursina, who had tried to trick them into fighting the Victorians with her knack of holographic illusions as a minor favor from Dr. Insantino. Since they defeated her, the two teams became great allies.
  • Titaneers (Fictional versions)- The Challenger Children have little knowledge of the Titaneers, or where they live. All they know is that they're well-praised heroes who hide in complete secrecy after Grinchgrog Carnavan framed them for a crime they didn't commit. They don't meet the Titaneers until one issue where they accidentally bump into each other while battling their enemy Master Hecatomb, whom they honorably help them defeat.


  • Conquest Children (Formerly)- The Conquest Children were in the same labs that created the Challenger Children. Because of Dr. Insantino injecting a drug that affects the part of the brain responsible for aggression and evil, the Pedokinea serum reacted violently to it, which exploded when the substance was injected in the babies. The Conquest Children were the ones affected by the drug, and they were adopted by Insantino to not only give him the love he longed for since he was a child, but to commit acts of evil.
  • Dr. Insantino- A Superior bald uakari who has a British accent, a charismatic personality, and a tragic backstory. His parents were abusive to him, and he moved onto being part of the science lab and got signed up to be part of Project: Child's Play, which would introduce the Pedokinea serum. But he was kicked out when he was discovered to have created a drug that was too dangerous to be added to the serum, to which he assured would double the payload. The scientists had no idea what the drug would do, but Insantino knew that because of this, they wouldn't be aware of what would happen when he secretly added the drug into the serum when it was being tested on the 20 babies. The reaction caused an explosion, and it created the Challenger and Conquest Children. He captured the Conquest Children during a battle with their hero brethren, and adopted them to give him the love that he never had as a child, and to commit acts of evil on Kratos. It isn't until he tries to steal a substance from the labs that would make his evil drug permanent that he was discovered and stopped, leaving the Conquest Children reformed. Since then, Insantino swore revenge. His powers include super-agility, super-endurance, telekinesis, and omnilingualism.
  • Bogeymenace- A Superior black panther who started out to be an entertainer for Mimzy World, the same theme park where the Challenger Children battled the Trickery Twins. When their battle caused damage to his attraction, he was fired for not being able to pay back the damages, and he swore revenge on the Challenger Children ever since. He was then told the location of their hideout by Insantino, and immediately injected himself with new superpowers and put up a terrifying fight with them. Their final battle ended up in Mimzy World, where they were able to defeat him and send him to jail. His powers include super-agility, super-endurance, self-detonation, invisibility, ghosting powers, intangibility, and memory manipulation.
  • Pacifier- A Superior 16-year-old Pacific loon who once worked in the same lab that created the Challenger Children. 16 years ago, she was originally a scientist who made a device called a Youth Probe that was meant to do the job that the Pedokinea would do years later. But she was actually creating it to turn all the scientists into 6-year-olds so she can enslave them into helping her take over the corporation, then all of Kratos. Once the conspiracy was discovered, Grotch fought her for the Probe, and when she tried to use it against him, it malfunctioned and turned her into a newborn chick, whereas Grotch thought she was dead. Since then, she waited 16 years to get revenge, gained an internship in the same lab with no one recognizing her, and managed to re-create the Probe, giving it a new design, and disguised it's true purpose by designing it to make things younger and fresher, calling it the Refresher. When her plan was ready, she turned the entire lab into babies. She turned the Challenger Children into adults, and because they were not used to having grown-up bodies yet, they lost their comfortable fighting skills. It isn't until they get help from the Stand-Lone Kidz that they are able to return to their young ages, and defeat Pacifier, sending her to jail. Her powers include super-agility, teleportation, telekinesis, and force-field generation.
  • Youthenasia- A Superior aardwolf who was known for being sentenced to death for child slavery until he escaped before the sentence could be carried out. He aimed to get revenge on the child who ratted on him, and that child was the mother of Turbo Child and Dura Child. He set a trap for the Stand-Lone Kidz and threatened to blow Dura Child's mother up with an exploding slavery collar if they didn't cooperate. They were forbidden to tell anyone, including the Challenger Children. While he hoped that their forced actions would ruin their reputations as heroes, the Challenger Children had already been in on it after hearing it on the news. Unfortunately, they were caught by the collar's alarm system while trying to free the mother, and Youthenasia has them all captured. But they manage to escape and fight him, only for Youthenasia to try and kill their mother. Unfortunately, when the Challenger Children removed the collar from the mother, they had it sabotaged, rendering the collar unable to be detonated. Angry, he tries to kill her himself, only for him to get a heart attack and die. His powers included super-strength, super-longevity, super-endurance, super-flight, X-ray vision, and heat vision.
  • Thaddeus the Toymaker- A Superior Uganda mangabey toy inventor who was well-known by the Stand-Lone Kidz, but not as much as the Challenger Children. But some rumors have went around that he has been committing acts of evil with the toys he makes. Of course, nobody, not even the authorities, believed them. Some have even been sent to insane asylums because of these claims. But the Stand-Lone Kidz, at first not believing these claims, find something off with a crime scene where a kid is blamed for the murder of a babysitter, which they find that the design of the toy he kept didn't match the toy's original design, and comes alive to try and kill the kids. They eventually find out that Toymaker has implanted a special military chip in millions of toys all over Kratos, and has made a satellite to turn all the toys into invading killing machines that overwhelm even the Stand-Lone Kids and the Challenger Children. Toymaker was intending to use these toys to enslave all of Kratos after it attempted to shut down his company for stealing designs from other toys. He had all the agents killed, relocated his company, and plotted to take over Kratos. Fortunately, the Stand-Lone Kidz and Challenger Children are able to shut down his toy machines, confront TT, and send him to jail. However, he escapes several times, plotting more schemes, making more menacing toy machines, and even got his hands on a reality-manipulating energy to turn Kratos into a dystopian world where he was never stopped, and he rules with his stronger and unstoppable toy army. He has entire armies of toys, his main ones being Sentinel-like toy soldiers called Sentries, which come in multiple versions. His powers include super-strength, super-mentality, telekinesis, merging, psychometry, and heat vision.
  • Bad Kitten- A Superior 30-year-old bobcat who was born with a condition that kept him from maturing, remaining the appearance of a bobcat kitten until the day he dies. Because of this, he has been bullied for it, and his oppression lead to him becoming a supervillain who studied gymnastics and martial arts. He has proven to be one of the skilled and toughest villains the Challenger Children and the Stand-Lone Kidz have ever faced. When he first appeared, he gained control of Sanitary Techs and re-created the Pedokinea serum, turning both the Challenger Children and the Stand-Lone Kidz back into their normal baby selves. He stole all the machinery in their hideouts and used them to create his own robotic suit to make him bigger and he planned to make all of Kratos' inhabitants his size and allow him to dominate them. Luckily, his kind-hearted sister, Katren Kittrina, who has the same condition her brother does, is able to bring the 20 heroes back, and help them stop BK. She has since become the object of the 20 kids' affection. Bad Kitten still appears and devises more evil plans for the 2 teams to defeat, especially with Katren's help. His powers include super-strength, super-agility, wallcrawling, teleportation, telekinesis, and invisibility.
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