Chancellor Neighsayer
Chancellor Neighsay
Vital statistics
Title The Chancellor, Ex-Head of E.E.A, Neigh-Neigh (By Shineflare), Naysay (By family), Chancellor Asshole, Count of Xenophobia, The Brain as a Pony, Minister of Cuntholes, The Duke of Dipshits, The Phobah of Haters, The Saltan of Nasty Opinions, The Lord of all Doughebags, The King of Twats, The Most Pregiest of Worthless, A pony so deplorable, Svengallop would look like Starswirl in compairison, ect, (Pretty much anyone else).
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Pony
Faction The E.E.A. (Formerly)
Description The Pinitcle of Dipshitery.
Skills and Abilities High Level Magic, Formerly E.E.A. Powers and Privilages, Stragticgit mind.
Status Alive.
Location Originally Canterlot, Then exiled Somewhere off the Badlands.

The Black Stallian Asylum.

Alignment Xenophobe villain.
Chancellor Neighsay is an Equestrian unicorn who first appears in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic two-parter episode School Daze. He is the chancellor of the Equine Educational Association (Sometimes called the Equestria Education Association) and is voiced by Maurice LaMarche (Brain and Mr. Big). When Twilight and Spike meet with the E.E.A.'s hard-nosed Chancellor Neighsay, Twilight assures him and his council that her friendship curriculum will make Equestria a safer place. Neighsay places an emphasis on teaching ponies rather than other creatures, but he and the council accept Twilight's plans and grant provisional approval for the opening of her school. However, eventually, Neighsay is shocked to learn that Twilight has non-ponies among her students, calling the other races "dangerous" and believing they would use Twilight's lessons against Equestria. Thorax, Ember, Prince Rutherford, Seaspray, a Hippogriff representive, and Grampa Gruff take extreme offense to Neighsay's insinuations and pull the students they represent out of the school. Because Twilight failed to meet the E.E.A.'s high-reaching standards, Chancellor Neighsay shuts down the School of Friendship and puts a magical lock on its doors. However, after a bunch of mess went down, when Twilight breaks the lock, Neighsay himself arrives to investigate, and still refuses to allow anyone in because of his biased prejudice against the other creatures. Twilight tells him off as she reveals her own rule book for how she'll handle things at the school, while Celestia prevents Ember, Rutherford, and the others from attacking Neighsay when he continues to provoke them with his disrespectful comments. Finding himself outnumbered and unable to sway anyone's minds about keeping the School of Friendship closed, Neighsay angrily leaves while swearing that the school will only bring ruin to Equestria, not peace and friendship. With Neighsay forced to retreat in frustration and defeat, the school is reopened, the representatives make amends and restore the alliances between themselves and Equestria, and their students are allowed to stay and continue studying under the Mane Six's guidance. While Neightsay ends up getting the worse end of the stick when the Chancellor found out that the majority of his fellow representives have basicly turned on him in thanks to Celestia bringing the Higher up of the E.E.A. involved. He declared Neighsay and all that would dare to take him seriously or assusiate with him to be booted out of the group as the E.E.A. is to face temporary disbansion to revaluate themselves, Neighsay being accused of treason for not realizing the school's purpose and facing severe penalties for his racism and crimes. Feeling indigent, Neightsay vowed revenge against the school and those that dared foolishly reject him, running off before he can be contained!

Role in the series

Neighsay's actions in the two-parter have caused him to be accused of technical treason for shutting down what was the will of the Princess of Friendship and the map, thus t'was exiled. It's revealed that he was best friends with Former Headmaster Shineflare and was also as racist as her and tried to prevent an interracial school from being founded because of mistrust among races, especially because of recent events, and has been fired for hate crimes against other races. But he eventually comes across a hateful slaver from ancient past in the form of a nuckelavee named Segrego Tempestuous, created by Pitch Black during the Fear War as racism and prejudice incarnate, who finds him and controls him into doing something worse. Along side that, he hired two simpleton henchmen named El Jackasso and Bullshiton.

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