School O'Hardknocks
Vital statistics
Title Chancellor O'Hardknocks, O'Hardknocks, Hardkoucker, School O'Badtimber (By pretty much alot of People), Hardknocky (By Perplexity).
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Earth Pony
Faction Equestria Education Association (Formerly)
Description Stress Issues, Constant Requirement of Medication, Inhered Health Problems from Bloodline, Middle Aged, Sociopathic, Grudge-Holding, Overzealous, Easily Frustrated And Angry, Quick to Criticised everything, Cynical, Very Poor Social Skills.
Skills and Abilities Remnant Earth Pony Strength, Smart, Manipulative, Originally E.E.A. Powers till Disbandsion.
Status Alive
Location Equestria
Alignment Bitterly Malicious
Chancellor School O'Hardknocks is an Equestrian Earth Pony who was one of the chancellors for the Equestria Education Association, and is a very ill-tempered uncle of Mudbriar. He was one of the strict rule-enforcing members of the EEA and was one of the few who didn't completely trust the de facto leader High Chancellor University, and aimed to replace him as the head chancellor. But on the day of his promotion, it was quickly cut short when University ordered the group to disband because of the actions committed by Chancellor Neighsay, a personal peer of his. Understandably upset, he started blaming everyone involved for causing University to be 'as blindly foolish as he could get', and scolded them for not taking a better solution instead of just ignoring it completely. He and Neighsay were not completely agreeable in the terms of the School of Friendship foundation as he was not racist, but was appalled when he couldn't be promoted when the EEA would be renewed because this incident showed the risks that a high chancellor like him would give, along side some personal health concerns he now processes. Blaming everyone for ruining his chance to save the EEA, he wanted to get pay back against them including Twilight's School by making a pony-only friendship school that would out-compete against Twilight's that would serve to be even more inviting in comparison as an act of revenge through aiming to steal the very plans of the school for his own purposes, which would end up being done later in a similar recent event involving Flim and Flam. O'Hardknocks is known for his extreme stress issues and habit of being cold and mean to anyone who aggravate him, which can be dangerous to a pony his age.


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O'Hardknocks is a middle-aged Earth Pony with a brown coat, A bended Graduation Hat, a bluish-swirling mane and tail, an oldtimey handlebar mustache, brown eyes, and a scratched blue diamond cutie mark.

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