Chantara Beel Anibbs
Chantara the Calamity
Vital statistics
Title Chantara the Calamity
Gender Female
Race/Species Weemil (Vergossorex insectivora)
Faction The Bounty Hunter Consortium
Description Genetically-Improved Bounty Hunter, Increased Longevity
Skills and Abilities Psionic Powers, Increased Lifespan, Powerful Arsenal and Equipment, Increased Combat Experience, Increased Intelligence and Tactics, Spectator Spaceship, Natural Animal Abilities, Martial Arts
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Aurror Ilsux, Auscora (Delta Universe, Hegedus Sector, Parlopena System) (Hometown)
  • Maroon Circuit, Narene (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Jargassa System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Neutral Bounty Hunter

Chantara B. Anibbs, AKA Chantara the Calamity, is an Alternate UUniversal Weemil from Planet Auscora. She is a very old, yet very beautiful bounty hunter who is one of the newest additions to The Bounty Hunter Consortium, and became the oldest age-wise since Iaroo Oia. She started off normal in the years before the violent Exo-Wars and was experimented on in Globex after being abducted by the corrupt Yuran CEO Boman Silizzar, who put her through classified illegal experiments that granted her psionic powers and a longer lifespan. She didn't appreciate being a science fair project and revolted, resulting in the destruction of the Globex lab resulting in several injuries and deaths, and she was obscured thanks to the dishonest CEOs. She has since been a mercenary that was hunted down by Boman even during the prime of the Exo-Wars. 1 year later, Chantara was finally captured and needed to be executed to prevent Boman from getting fired. Luckily, she escaped and killed Boman. She continued her job as a mercenary for over 3 centuries until she eventually joined the Consortium before the arrival of Saxe Paither after she accidentally saved Lik-Lick Tick Blick from the murderous and wanted thug Kurbji Crin who was conveniently wanted by Chantara being hired by a client that was a vengeful victim of the thug, making her the third newest bounty hunter. She flies in a spaceship called the Spectator.


Chantara was born on the fluorescent planet of Auscora 3 centuries ago and was raised by a scientist father who worked for Globex Industries as an assistant for the CEO Boman Silizzar. Her father had been known to have created an experimental nootropic serum that would allow the subject to use more than their average brain capacity, which nobody in Globex, not even Boman himself, knew what the side effects would be. However, Chantara's father, while testing the substance on someone, the result ended up with the subject's brain exploding since the serum was not perfected yet. So he tried to retire in order to prevent the risk that someone would try and perfect it and lead to more deaths. However, he found out too late that Boman was corrupt, and not only killed Chantara's father, but he stole the serum and it's formula all to himself, leaving Chantara to be raised by a single mother with no memory of who her father was.

When Chantara finally turned 18, being told by her mother that he left them when she was young, she was soon abducted by Boman once he realized that his client had a daughter. Once she was in his hands, he told Chantara about her father, but left out the part where he killed him in order to get her to participate. So she did, and after all the years of research, Boman had finally perfected the serum, sure that it would work this time. So he went ahead and injected it in Chantara. The result was that she could now use much more of her brain power than ever, meaning that she gained psionic powers, and her brain's aging processes slowed down, giving her a longer lifespan. Things soon got out of hand when Chantara was ready to be presented for 'his' achievement. Chantara soon felt like she was being used, and she refused and tried to go home. Fearing that she would tell her mother and risk finding out the truth, Boman locked her up. Luckily, Chantara was able to escape, destroy the lab resulting in dozens of injuries and casualties, and fled to home.

Discovering her father's death from her mother, Chantara discovered that Boman might know something about it, thinking it to be a lab accident. She continued tracking down Boman year after year, even during the Exo-Wars. Even though she was obscured by the corrupt CEOs, both sides of the war knew about her since she was seen in the battlefields. She only fought in the battles if it meant she talk to Boman about her father, and even though Globex made her what she was, she believed that it shouldn't suffer because of the corrupt CEOs that caused the war in the first place. As the war continued, Chantara found more clues to the death of her father until she was finally captured 1 year later. Boman revealed that he was the reason her father was dead, because he wanted the serum that he perfected and tested on Chantara so he could not only be famous, but so he could profit from it. Having angered Chantara, Boman ordered her executed so he wouldn't get fired. However, not even his most successful guards could stop her from getting her revenge. She was able to find Boman and kill him, though actually by accident.

With Globex knowing about Boman's actions, Chantara had decided to help end the Exo-Wars, and afterward, she moved on as a mercenary. With her lengthened lifespan, she was able to live for over 3 centuries, watching Globex go bankrupt following the establishment of the Infernus Rule, the crumble of the USRA in the AUU Third Cartoonian War, the Interuniversal War, and even the Villains Act. Everyone was surprised that she could stay alive for all these years. Then her life as a century-old mercenary changed when she was hired to hunt down a murderous snake thug named Kurbji Crin, who had captured Lik-Lick and decided to torture him because of his track record as a leader of 'mercenaries'. Chantara ended up not recognizing Lik-Lick, nor even seeing him, and ended up rescuing him and turning in Kurbji. As an act of gratitude, Lik-Lick offered Chantara a chance to become a member of the Bounty Hunter Consortium since all that he saw her do would make a perfect addition. So, thinking that it would give her protection, Chantara accepted and became a bounty hunter, impressing everyone there with her psionic powers.


Chantara is an anteater-like shrew who has a retractable tongue, great smell, and good hearing. She is also a mutant. She was subjected to Globex experiments that injected her with her father's nootropic substance, allowing her to use much more percentage of her brain. She now has incredible psionic powers, including telepathy, mind-control, and psionic shockwaves. Though these abilities are fueled by her metabolism, so using these abilities require energy that can only be refueled by a meal. She knows 3 martial arts: Voin Onu (An Ustraoian version of Kung Fu), Aroe Tao (A Zoian martial art that specializes in an advanced form of combatting even the most powerful of machines), and Djiem Malo (A Crinathashan martial art specializing in dodging/blocking powerful attacks and accurate attacks). She also wears a suit made from self-absorbent and durable synthetic material and Kevlar.

She carries an ISD (Infinite-Storage Device) that allows her to carry up to 3 weapons: 2 dual Vaubrus LMG255B Laser Machine Guns, and a Huncus BNG-886 Plasmablast Gun, which is useful for battling robots and powerful enemies. She also carries around several kinds of explosives such as fusion grenades, sticky grenades, and cryo-grenades. She carries several kinds of equipment such as a grappling hook, a hacking device, some electro-binoculars, and some health-syringes for healing.

She pilots a spaceship called the Spectator, which is composed of a titanium alloy for withstanding durable firepower. It also comes with a deflector shield, and is propelled by 5 particle thrusters. The ship is entirely electric, meaning that it requires charging after every space travel. The ship has adjustable wings that come with solar panels which replenish the ship's 2 fusion-based Gatling gun turrets after 2 minutes of sunlight exposure. The ship is also equipped with missile launchers and a pivoting ion cannon which disables any ship it strikes.

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