Chaos cat

Chaos the cat

Chaos is one of the many immortals of the Aladdin series. A being said to be even more powerful than Aladdin's genie and who even Mirage seems nervous of. In his first appearance "when chaos comes calling", Mirage gets visited by Chaos, the Master Trickster: a god-like, winged cat, who uses his unlimited magic powers to break every routine he can, and to make things lively wherever he deems the situation to be boring. Chaos first makes fun of Mirage, telling her that it's always the same "crush this, destroy that" thing with Dark Lords, but Mirage manages to draw his attention towards Agrabah; which she describes as a boring cliché with "the usual princess and hero destined to live happily ever after." Hearing this, Chaos decides to go to Agrabah, to put things in disorder. there, he interupts an important lunch with several lords of the country, transforming almost everyone into animals or inanimate objects.

Chaos eventually reveals himself, and in spite of Genie's warning ("He's got more power in his little whiskers than in a palace full of genies!") an infuriated princess Jasmine orders him to leave, prompting Chaos (who hates being ordered around) to reduce her to a few inches of size. Later, Jasmine, Genie and Aladdin try to convince Chaos that nothing is boring in Agrabah, by telling him all their adventures; but Genie makes a fatal mistake when he says "Aladdin always wins." Chaos then creates an evil twin of Aladdin, and makes him fight his (reluctant) original counterpart. Chaos' point being: Aladdin always wins? Fine by me, but which one? Aladdin manages to defeat his evil twin, but not before said twin calls forth a giant, evil twin of Genie, who starts rampaging Agrabah and even defeats the real Genie. As Mirage is watching the whole mess with delight, Chaos mentions her name, prompting her to go to Agrabah. It appears to be a big mistake, as Mirage is immediately captured by the evil Genie, and has no other choice than to tell Aladdin to use the evil Genie's lamp. Aladdin rubs the lamp and wishes everything back to normal. Aladdin then thanks Mirage, without whom he would have never thought of this solution.

It appears that Chaos saw through Mirage's deceit all along. He feigned to believe her and wreaked havoc in Agrabah, indeed breaking its routine, but only to force Mirage to appear and to save the town instead of causing its destruction; thus teaching her than no one manipulates him. Humiliated, Mirage disappears with an anguished hiss and Chaos takes his leave, telling Aladdin that if he ever gets boring, he will be back.

role in the series

apearently, chaos made good on his promise to return, just in the spongebob series, but however, chaos has not appeared yet in the series, and it is unknown whether or not scroopfan will consider using this character in his series. there may even the possiblity that he may reform and join the shell louge squad. if so, he might not nessasarlingly become all around good. He will be more interested in just making the series "More interesting", whether it favers the lougers or not. however, if he desides the villains no longer entertain him, or even insult him, he'll deside to give the lougers an advantage again and make the villain's downfall extra painfull.

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