The AUU has a famous constellation in the Beta Universe. Called The Colour Constellation because each star system making up the constellation have a significant color when seen in space. In fact, it has it's own history to it. The eight color systems have since been heralded to even the AUU Beta Gods as they were created by color gods that live inside the stars themselves and offer power to each of the system's planets. All eight systems, the Blackoome System, Redsun System, Orangeous System, Yellowest System, Gangreen System, Bluesea System, Purpus System, and the Whitilitus System, are all based on the colors of the suns they have or the colors the suns' colors make when mixed. Each system is run by powerful criminal groups born after the Villains Act took down the original goverments. However, not nessersarly in the way you would think. These groups actselly chased away the usurpers after it occurred, and had to take over their powers because society was too damaged to return to a governmental system. These groups, the Spatial Onyx SyndicateRedsun Mafia, Flame Gangdom, Yellow Westerners, Gangreen BikersBluesea Pirate Armada, The Heliotroupe, and the Flaring Mafia, and the leaders and bosses of these groups, because of the groups control of the system without goverments, are considered system rulers by proxy. With these already-reliable rulers running these syndicates, they have ensured and proven that, unlike a similar system, crime in the Colour Constellation is ACTUALLY for survival purposes and NOT for self-benefit or deluded beliefs. They still accept that crime is still crime and not usually acceptable, but insist that until the systems are strong enough for governments again, it's how things will work until then. Even with this in mind, it has not deterred overly-determined law groups aiming to restore order regardless of what 'excuses' they have, especially in cases like the Obsidian Hobnobbers, especially when even Maxxus had been called in. It doesn't help that these groups are technically encouraged and supported by some Grand Council members because of the entire group's aim to purge crime-infested lawless worlds because of the albeit-not-entirely-wrong facts that the Villains Act was borned from a lawless world, baring certain circumstances and conditions, along with technicalities, and therefore, any other lawless world and/or system full of them is a risky breeding-ground for more villain groups, even when it's been insisted that the groups do well enough to enforce at least 'standards' in crime, and had long discourage any Villains-Act-like groups from happening, and being told this not once, but multiple times. Regardless, these law groups besides Maxxus include The Guys-In-Black, The Red Order, The Tangforce, The Golden Lawmen, The Green Law, The Teal Navy, The Purple Pros, and The Heavenly Force, each with creative and crazy police technology, and they still strongly insist on bringing goverment back to the systems, especially since they are of the long-fabled Colour Constellation. To make matters worse, the less-obedient of the criminals in those systems went out of their way to basically troll the law groups by doing crime outside of the Colour Constellation. However, in doing so, that ends up turning things against the system. And to make matters worse, the system's representatives in the Grand Council were exposed as members by Maxxus and were arrested promptly. This ends up giving the lawful groups more incentive to take down the Colour Constellation's leaders and disband the groups and return law to those systems for good. However, this all feels too convenient for this to go down like it does, and as it turns out the one who exposed the members to Maxxus is a known law-absolutist Ranacock named Councilor Seymour Bythybook, who is also the head supporter of the law groups and now the organizer of those groups going to be due a great battle with the system's groups, which are already preparing for a major war, and given their own power brought on by the power of the suns. The Grand Council main members can't help but to feel it's all to convenient, and so the HA and Lodgers are called to investigate the mysterious behavior of these same disobeyers only to discover that these disobeyers don't even remember what they did. Further investigation turned out to be the work of another Ranacock and a dark Magelio hypnotist named Brain-Controller, who was hired by Seymour to discredit the groups of the Colour Constellation and make the most disobedient greatly disobey the group in a mass level just to invoke law and order into a system that can't currently survive in that kind of evironment as of now. Our heroes must now do what they can to expose that rotten hypocrite of a rules-lover and his partner in crime and prevent both groups of law and crime from entering a needless war that will light up like the Wonderful World of Color.




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