Since being reformed, Discord was able to find a place where he can be free to have his own chaotic space: his own subconscious, as revealed in Project Nosferatu. For as long as he can remember, he has been able to control his own subconscious during sleep, and manipulate his own dreams, even remembering everything about each of them 100% each morning. But now, he has been feeling bad for his dream friend, Screwball, who always get bored when he wakes up and leaves until nighttime. So he wants to give her someone to be with. So, one night, he creates 3 other chaotic ponies named Nutsy KazooGutsy, and Loose Screw, who at first succeed in keeping Screwball company. But soon that changes when these 3 ponies discover how to escape Discord's subconscious, and they take Screwball with them, and they begin spreading chaos everywhere. The 3 ponies show Screwball around the world that Discord lives in, and Screwball eventually decides that she never wants to go back. Discord manages to convince the other ponies that the chaos isn't his fault, and they decide that they track down these chaotic ponies and Screwball, and return them back to where they belong. But these ponies are much more devious than Discord, and are planning to end their friendships and stop them. Discord gets the Shell Lodge Squad to help, but they don't have much time left. Will they succeed?


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