Chase Terry Cannell
Chase Cannell
Vital statistics
Title Chase, Chaser, Skyjumper
Gender Male
Race/Species Marshland Aquanx (Aqualagom natanus)
Faction Son of Councilman Oswin, Independent Hero, Friend to Xandy, Heroes Act (Future)
Description Same Age And Similar Personality To Xandy, Surprise Fears Of Uniflax the Destroyer, Light-Southern Accent, Free-Spirits, Near-Flawless Bravery, Hero Instinct Aptitude
Skills and Abilities Naturally Semi-Aquatic, Aeolus Hoverglider Fit With Weapons, Two Dual Double-Barrel Blasters And Multi-Function Explosives, Self-Taught Martial Artist, Oxygen Helmet For High Altitudes, Underwater Air Support, And For Toxic And Vacuum Environments
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Langstroy Falls, Carbungia (Epsilon Universe, Buexxer Sector, Wandican System) (Hometown)
  • Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Chase T. Cannell is an Alternate UUniversal Aquanx from Planet Carbungia. He is the son of Councilman Oswin, and is a childhood friend of Xandy. He is very skillful in fighting after he taught himself martial arts by watching ninja cartoons. He dreams of becoming like his father during his days as a famous warrior, and soon dreams of joining the Heroes Act. But when he discovers that Xandy is in the Heroes Act, he gets determined to join the Heroes Act. He uses all of his life savings to gain enough equipment to become a worthy hero: A hoverglider he names Aeolus which he fit with phasers and an infinite storage device where he can keep his explosives and energy katana.


Chase Cannell Helmeted

Chase with his helmet on

Chase was born long before the Villains Act on Planet Carbungia, the same homeworld of Xandy. In fact, when they were kids, Xandy and Chase were the bestest of friends for a reason: they had remarkable similarities. They both loved to swim, they both enjoyed action, they were both intelligent, and they loved to be heroes someday. Though they had a little bit of situations including Oswin mistaking them as a secret couple after seeing them swimming, freerunning, and playing in a romantic fashion, and despite scolding the two of them for it, they convince him that they are merely friends and not a couple.

However, they had to go their separate ways for a reason: family. When Chase's father became a member of the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council, he and his son needed a closer place to live at the Nexx Tower of Planet Xorizome. Chase didn't like this one bit, but he had no choice. He and Xandy were heartbroken. Xandy began missing Chase as much as Chase began missing her.

However, he was a bit scared when the Villains Act arrived when he became as old as Xandy was. He decided that he should learn some self-defense in case someone seems to threaten him. However, Councilman Oswin was too busy to even teach him some of his fighting moves from his days as a warrior, nor did he have time to sign him up for martial arts. But Chase fixed this problem by watching ninja cartoons. By watching and learning from the ninjas that fought in the cartoon, he did the moves as effectively as they did.

When Oswin found out about this, he was impressed. In fact, when he was younger, he used to do the same thing to learn his moves. He took the time to show him how to accurately use a weapon besides a melee. He learned how to aim and shoot a gun, how to use great strength to throw an explosive, and how to operate or diffuse a bomb. But after such a great night with him, Chase soon wanted to join the Heroes Act which wasn't doing so well, but his father said he wasn't ready yet.

Chase's Glider

Chase's T-10 Tsutomu Hoverglider

To prove his worth, Chase decided to get the right equipment that a hero would need for herowork. He used his life savings to purchase a high-tech T10-Tsutomu Hoverglider, and names it Aeolus. He also purchases a suit and a helmet that matches the hoverglider's white color. He didn't want to show his father because he wanted it to be a surprise. After tinkering with Aeolus, it soon became equipped with 2 high-powered phasers, some missile launchers, and an ISD (Infinite Storage Device) for him to contain his equipment.

When he finally shows his father, he wasn't sure what to say. He knew now that he was ready to be a hero, but at the same time, he wasn't sure Chase would be up to the task. So he decided to wait. So to pass the time, Chase managed to stop a few crimes on the planet. He was sure he would get the chance to be what he wanted to be soon. But once he does, he will be surprised when he discovers that his childhood friend is part of the Heroes Act.


Chase is an aquatic rabbit with the ability to jump very high, and hold his breath underwater for 20 minutes. He has great hearing and smell, and he self-taught himself various martial art moves from several ninja cartoons. He learned from about 3 martial arts: Yuqor Goah (A Seourusian martial art that specializes in pressure-point combat and aerial combat), Tueintsu (The Zoian version of Ninjitsu), and Uoxe Rao (A Juluwese martial art specializing in gymnastics, balance, and pressuring an opponent). He's even learned to wield a few melee weapons.

Chase rides on his trusty Aeolus T10-Tsutomu Hoverglider, which he has modified to have 2 high-powered phaser cannons, heat-seeking missile launchers, and with an Infinite Storage Device (ISD), he can store several fusion grenades, liquid nitrogen grenades, smoke grenades, and cluster bombs, and he can carry 2 dual Rapid-Fire M689B Plasma Pistols. He wears a helmet which he uses for high altitude flight and toxic environments. The Aeolus is an AI glider which plans strategies and talks to Chase.

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