Chattanooga, AKA Chatter, is an Equestrian Compsognathus from the Abyssinian underground land of Saurusia. She is an excitable mini dinosaur with a very rambunctious and troublesome habit of getting as annoying as Tito if a girl. She works as an 'expendable' member of the Imperial Scale Collectors for the Land of Scale Collectors, after she and her friends were abducted as eggs and placed into slavery by The Black Emperor, in which Chatter was one of the most problematic slaves since she had a chronic habit of sneaking everywhere with her size, along side being an excitable pest too quick to warm up every everything she meets and sees.


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  • "YOU DEAD MEAT, CLOD!!!..... Teehee, I kid, I kid..... But you are in major trouble, you naughty busybody."
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