Chazonablitimus, Chazona for short, is an alien oracle that is millions of years old and was created on Planet Dragma by the presumably-extinct Braanx, a crustaceous race that was wiped out by an asteroid strike, and the Dragmites had soon evolved and took their place, found Chazona's relic, and used her as well as the Braanx did. She offers grand knowledge in exchange for loyalty. Any big event is to be informed to her as part of their eternal deal. That means nothing big is allowed to happen without Chazona's permission. She helped the Dragmites reach the intelligence level of the Braanx by the late 80s, and had foretold that an alien race would try and crush the Dragmites for being too intelligent, and that no matter how hard they tried, the future was unavoidable. Emperor Cygron refused to believe this horrorable fate is unavoidable, and his incompetence led to the Grox to leave a majority of surviving Dragmites, and destroyed all civilization except for the underground. However, Chazona discovered the irony of her prediction that the horrorable future actselly could've been avoided had the Dragmites joined the Galactic Federation, but Cygron unknowningly preserved the bad future by being a doughebag and banishing the only link, Vrank. When Cygron was revived as a cyborg, he got angry and kidnapped visitors, threw them in underground sanctuaries for life, and stole their ships' technology. Chazona had foretold that Cygron would eventually be defeated by 'misfit animals traveling in a fiery comet', and despite the fact that she was right before, Cygron still doesn't believe that it can actselly happen to him and it can still be preventable. Chazona knew that with Cygron's developed tyranny, Dragma was in deep trouble. The rest of the people remained loyal to her, even Cygron's wife Empress Cengrus.


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