Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race/Species Pygmy Troll
Faction Horned King (Formerly), Death Coffin (Formerly)
Description Pig-Headed, Dim-Witted
Skills and Abilities Natural Agility
Status Alive
Location Prydain


  • Equestrian Underworld (Former Death Coffin Loyalty)
  • Princess Cadance's Reforming Monastery (Current Residence)
Alignment Reformed

Cheepers is among the dozens of cousins of Creeper that The Horned King also banished for being too pig-headed of himself and constently questioned his ahority. Cheepers not at once appresiated working for the horned king and was glad to had left. Eventally, he came across Equestia, and admired that the Alicorns had immortality, and wanted in on some of that. Knowing that they won't "supply", he turned and gotten into servatude to Death Coffin in return for immortality if he can return the favor by helping him bring back the Alicorns. Cheeper does have the commen-sense to realise that Death Coffin is obviously too troubled and questionable to be trusted, but his hopes to become immortal forces him to have to trust in Coffin in hopes it will ultamately pay off, and he becomes an immortal. His loyalty is diffently put to a challnage when he is made to help Coffin compromise the keyhole of Equestia as a means to revive the alicorns somehow. Cheepers is strongly sympathic for Coffin's tragity and feels for him, as do his fellow "minions". Cheepers is considered "The faverite" cause "he gets things right".


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