180px-Cheetayta and Cheetahto

Cteetaha and Cteetahto.

Cheetahto and Cheetayta are two of Timon and Pumbaa's old enemies and amongst the orginal founding members of the Villain League. They abandoned the team because they felt it was starting to focus its goals too much on Malefor and Cynder instead of some harmless troublemaking, though they weren't bothered with simple world conquest and hero destruction. Mirage doesn't like for these two to desert them and is planning to bring them back by force of her Keyblade of People's hearts through THEIR hearts. But she won't have the chance to do so because Emperor Fang has already captured them in order to find his way to the Banished Realms so that his master, The Makuta, can persue his own goals of conquest. Although, that doesn't mean this transsaction to the Fang Empire will be periment, so says the will of Mirage, as she intends to prevent such a transgression from the cruel brother of Sir Hiss.

The Cheetahs are also old enemies of the Hyena pack due to their close encounter with them in "Cooked Goose"

they were planned to be reformed and joinned the shell louge squad, but the plan was drop on fear of negitive respondes.

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