Pierre Eustache Sailas
Pierre Sailas.png
Vital statistics
Title Chef Sailas, Boss of Pierre's Amphibie Café
Gender Male
Race/Species Common toad (Bufo bufo)
Faction None
Description Attempting to Continue His Family Legacy, Cowardly and Often Abusive
Skills and Abilities Natural Toad Abilities, Good Cooking Abilities
Status Alive
Location Dragon Realms France (Homeland)
Alignment Neutral

Chef Pierre E. Sailas is a French toad from Dragon Realms France who is a famed chef that runs a 5-Star gourmet restaurant called Pierre's Amphibie Cafe in Paris and his staff of waiters and chefs are composed of other toads, frogs, weasels, rats, raccoons and lizards. After an incident when Gary the Snail came after an incident with Lord Shen and an alien snail from his past Lord Shelluon, he almost fed the poor snail to a snail-hating food critic vulture named Count Vladimer, seeing it as an opportunity to save his restaurant from being shut down by a bad review from him and helped him honor his father and family's name of Sailas, even bribing SpongeBob with lawful action to give up Gary, and almost let Vladimer eat Gary under the threat of being shut down if Gary wasn't served. Though when he does get shut down, Vladimer was forced to open it again after it was revealed that Vladimer committed a hate crime against snails that cost them a chance to earn rights, and almost murdered SpongeBob for being a herald for snails everywhere, and ever since, Pierre has continued running his restaurant and swore to only serve snails if they were voluntarily donating their bodies as food.


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