Chernabog, the Original seeker of darkness.

Chernabog is without a doubt the GREATEST evil the UUniverses have ever known. So great that even Malefor serves him. He is also a Dark Spawn Lord sealed away in Bald Mountain. Because of this, Bald Mountain is probably believed to be a Darkspawn-cursed area.



The sequence takes place in a mountainous area, in which a village is overlooked by Bald Mountain. The peak of Bald Mountain is revealed to be Chernabog's wings, which he spreads out as he looks at the village down below. Stretching out his arms, Chernabog casts a dark shadow over the village and summons ghosts, including the spirits of hanged criminals (who pass through the noose a second time as they rise from their graves), fallen warriors in the moat and grounds of a ruined castle, and the souls of all who are not buried in sacred ground.

The ghosts join together to become a single mass, swirling around Chernabog, who laughs and summons fire and demons. As the demons emerge and gather below their master, he grabs a number of them and disdainfully throws them into the fires of Bald Mountain, while his other minions dance on. He then uses flames to create images: first, the flames resemble elegant dancers; then, at his pleasure, they transform into dancing barnyard animals. Chernabog then transforms them into blue demons, who dance before him, causing him to grin maliciously. As the dancing continues, it becomes more frantic and chaotic; Harpies fly above the demons, occasionally grabbing them and throwing them into the inferno. The celebration culminates in a blinding flash of fire from the inferno. Chernabog, ready to continue, eagerly leers over his minions, but is interrupted by the sound of bells, which herald the coming of the dawn. Though he initially ignores the sound, the light of the sun forces him and his minions to retreat; as the ghosts return to their resting places, Chernabog raises his arms one final time, and closes his wings, protecting himself from the sunlight and becoming the peak of the mountain once more.

Role in the series

Chernabog (Dark Mode)

Chernabog's Dark Armor - by Frame10

Chernabog has not yet appeared in the series. primarly cause of him being contained in Bald Mountain, Chernabog isn't something to worry about. But his role is far greater than anyone actually realizes. As it turns out, he was THE ultimate leader of the original Dark Spawn during the great Cartoonian War over 4 billion to 1 thousand years ago. He was originally one of the great gods who created the universe (this was explained by the fact the Great Cartoonian War took place 4 billion years ago, which, by that time, the Earth wasn't born yet, or at least, the real life earth.), but he wanted more than what was granted to him. To do so, he formed the first Dark Spawn armies and lords to provide him with a force that he could use to take over the universe. He even wore a suit of dark armor similar in appearance to the Guardian Heartless's World of Chaos form so that he could have something to wear. Eventually, he was defeated by the combined forces of the Gray Wardens and Wizards, who formed the original 7 guardians of light to counter his original 13 hearts of darkness during the original clash of the Keyblade War, ending up sealed away in Bald Mountain forever....that is until his succesor, Malefor found out about him and has made it his goal to release the Dark Lord as soon as he gets out. Of course, Chernabog had many apprentices to his evil while he was still free, such as Master Xehanort, the non-Dark Spawn at the time Malefor, and Diamond Ryugu whom the final one wanted to undo the crime that the high council had done by draining the most important essence to the entire united universe: the life force.
480px-Dual Soul Eater

Chernabog's Dual Soul Eater

Truth to say, considering recent events which have revealed Master Xehanort to be working on a different plan than what Chernabog had in mind, the big C is not pleased by this at all. You see, Chernabog was actually in favor of having his various villain group minions capture all 7 princesses of heart and their failed successors and offer them to him as sacrifices so that he could use their power to break free from Bald Mountain. But since Mirage and Master Xehanort only care about Malefor, Chernabog's successor, and are instead going with Master Xehanort's idea of clashing thirteen seekers of darkness with seven or fourteen guardians of light to recreate the x-blade and use its power to free the New-Age Darkspawn lords, Chernabog is practically furious that Mirage and Malefor are just leaving him to rot in Bald Mountain. however, that's not really the case. Chernibog forgot that Malefor is the only one TRUELY powerful enough (next to Diamond Ryugu with enough life essense) to actselly free him. it is not a case of abandonment, but really a more of determin but a rather longer way of making the path to freedom. why Chernibog forgotten about Malefor's abilites to bend mountains at his will is not really clear. Maybe because he's been trapped in a mountain for so long that he's starting to lose a few memories here and there in his mad impatience towards wanting to get free from this wretched prison!

And now with the revelation about Master Xehanort deciding to follow a new path in wanting to destroy and rebuild the universe through the dreaded cycle of oblivion instead of going for the Malefor/X-blade process again, Chernabog is really ranting in complete anger for the old man's betrayal.

Back during Chernabog's prime era when he ruled all worlds in darkness before the original 7 guardians of light teamed up to stop him, Chernabog wielded a giant, double-bladed, pole-arm version of the Soul Eater.

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