The Nega Cheshire Cat, AKA Saldaron, is a former Dark Spawn Lord and a clone of the original Cheshire Cat. He comes from American McGee's Alice in Wonderland video games. In the series, he first appears in SpongeBob and Friends Meet Lilo & Stitch near the ending. He has plans for Cynder, but his intentions are currently unknown. It's unknown if he's a villain or not, while he admited being a Darkspawn, he said he did something that got him 'kicked out of that club', leaving much unknown till he appears again. It's not until later in the series that he reveals his name to be Saldaron, and in the Chronicles series, he claims to have the power to manipulate time and space, and is stated to do so to keep the UUniverses stable since he knows that you cannot change the present with such powers, only help it become what it already is, and therefore time-travel missions can only cause a repeating grandfather paradox that only grows and get worse to the point where swirling paradox vortexes will attempt to destroy the UUniverses. He even makes sure that every time-travelling event (Even the ones in TV shows and cartoons), are kept stable. It's also revealed he's a creature called a Schrödinger, an outer god capable of manipulating probability, which is how he create paradoxes.
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