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[[Category:Prehistoric Creatures]]
[[Category:Prehistoric Creatures]]
[[Category:Forces of the Villain Leage]]
[[Category:Forces of the Villain Leage]]
[[Category:Grey Areas]]

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The raptors, Chesi, Bongo, and Ted.

Chesi (middle) Bongo (Frount) and Ted (back)

Chesi, Bongo, and Ted were formerly normal, unintelligent, and non-anthromorphic raptors that were friends of Larry in his non-anthromorphic days. But when the pteranodon that was turned into Dread came into the picture, he used DNA and mind pesonalities of Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed to turn the raptors into Spore raptor clones of the Hyenas, who quickly followed up by reprising every single action the hyenas did in the original Lion King movie up until their betral to Dread. they even sang the Hyenas song from the broadway verson of the lion king, with Banzai procaliming that the raptors owe them money for their song. because of them, the raptors in dinosaur were given a more major role then what was really protrayed. they have been shown to prosess athlectic prowless, capable to preform moves not common to normal raptors.

Chesi: a Raptor parody mirror of Shenzi hyena. she is a female raptor running loose in the dinosaur world in the disney universe. unlike the realistic native raptors, she is cartoonish in appearence, and seems to have an hourglass figure, and strange green skales on her head. she appeared in SpongeBob and Friends meet Dinosaur, where she is helping Lord Dread and the Carnotaurs to take down the herd and claim the nesting grounds for the carnavores. however, now that it failed, she murdered lord dread.

Bongo: the raptor parody of Banzai Hyena. he is a raptor that is running loose in the dinosaur would in the disney universe. his ovivous unususal feature is the spikes on his back, and has no cutters on his foot, a serious but extremely rare birth defect in raptors. He was helping Lord Dread and the carnotaurs in SpongeBob and Friends meet Dinosaur, where he is helping them to get rid of the herd and gain serious control of the nesting grounds so the surviving herivores will be served as main courses. however it failed, and he and the other raptors killed off Dread.

Ted: a raptor parody of Ed Hyena. currently running loose in the dinosaur world in the disney universe. like Ed, he is incredably mentaly disterbed. however, he is very deformed and seems to have a broken tail, only has on cutter toed foot, and only one of his eyes is a normal eye, while the other is crusted to the point his other one could hardly see from it. he is with Lord Dread and the carnotaurs in SpongeBob and Friends meet Dinosaur, where he, under the guidents of Chesi and Bongo, is helping them to get the herd out of the way and get the nesting grounds under carnivore control. after the failure, he helped killed off Dread.

it is beleaved that they are currently being chased by the dragon guardians to be cured of Dread's corruption, and be reverted back into normal raptors.

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