Template:Desc He is a hard-working builder and has the highest [Rank|ranking] workshop when the player character arrives in [[1]].

He harbors resentment and jealousy toward the [[2]] because they moved into [[3]]'s workshop for free and suddenly start getting so much positive attention from the people in town. He is one of the first characters that the player meets in Template:MTaP, first seen snatching the last commission of the day from [[4]]'s hand as Presley attempts to give it to the player. Even so, Presley describes him as a very hard-working man who does great work and has a fabulous workshop.

[Workshop|Higgins' Workshop] is located in [Plaza|Central Plaza] near the [Shop|Barber Shop] and [Times|Portia Times]. When the player gets close to the workshop, he sometimes reacts aggressively and accuses the player of stealing. He even goes so far as threatening to beat the player up if they try picking up objects near the workshop. He can be found visiting the [Guild|Commerce Guild] when it opens every weekday morning; otherwise, he is typically near his workshop.

Personal Life

Due to his position as rival, Higgins' [[5]] with the player will always be Nemesis. As such, Higgins cannot gain relationship points, receive gifts, play [Paper, Scissors|Rock, Paper, Scissors], or any other [interactions|social interactions]. However, Higgins can be [[6]]red. Furthermore, the player can steal from Higgins' furnaces when there are metal bars visible in them. If Higgins sees the player doing so, he'll immediately spar them (which will cost the player 15Template:SP) but other than that, there are currently no consequences to stealing from him.

Physical Appearance

Higgins has short dark hair, a wide, cleft chin, and piercing brown eyes that are always in a squint. He wears a white collared shirt with a light blue grid pattern, a blue vest, a lime-green tie, brown belt and a jeans.

Related Characters

Higgins has no social network, though Presley appreciates his hard work and Antoine cares enough about him that he called the [Corps|Civil Corps] to look for Higgins when he once missed a day of work due to being passed out in an [Ruins|abandoned ruin].

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