Chesser Va Choosh
Vital statistics
Title Chessmaster
Gender Male
Race/Species Aexish
Faction Villains Act (Only Slightly)
Description Powerful Durable Chessboard Patterned Robes Cybernetic Being, Vengeful, Power-Hungry
Skills and Abilities Silver Tongue, Durability, Strength, Endurance, Laser-Vision, Healing Factor, Energy Manipulation, Telekinesis, Precognitive Vision, Teleconetic Flight, Energy Absorption
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Affray (Location coming soon...) (Homeworld, Current Residence)
Alignment Cartoony Villain Evil
Chesser Ya Choosh, AKA Chessmaster, is an Alternate UUniversal Aexish from Planet Affray. From a world similar to Apokalips, he is an expert at evil and has gained his name because of his ability to manipulate and successfully plan out elaborately, and ensure that things go according to plan, and has always been able to succeed with much of his plans, mainly doing it through telepathic technology and his silver tongue. He is a clever trickster and has been highly recognized even by his home planet's evil dictator WK Blackbeam. Because of this, he was gonna be given an oppertunity to join the VA and become a real aide to them. Unfortuantely, this was given out in the final twilight days of the VA before it's downfall by the Lougers and other heroes. Cause of this, Chessmaster didn't get to become a VA member by proxy of the VA being disbanned. He aimed to get revenge ever since.


Coming soon...

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