Chester Ximen Carnifex
Chester Carnifex
Vital statistics
Title Carnifex, Mister Thrash, Assault Tail, Long-Tail
Gender Male
Race/Species Pelagic thresher (Alopias pelagicus)
Faction Seth Daggertooth's Mercenaries
Description Superanimal, Prone to Physical Assault, Aggressive
Skills and Abilities Natural Long Caudal Fin Used For Striking, Pistols With Power-Negating Rounds, Super-Strength, Super-Agility, Fire Manipulation (Normal On Land, But Purely Heat Underwater), Sublimation, Teleportation, Omnilinguism, Quick Swimmer
Status Still at Large
Location Lagoola
  • Myrtle Forest, Hydroprometheon Reef (Homeland)
  • Hephaestus (Current Outlaw Residence)
Alignment Evil

Chester X. Carnifex is a Superior pelagic thresher shark from Planet Lagoola. He was born in an isolated kelp field right near Hydroprometheon Reef where his single father treated him very badly as a pup. It wasn't until one day when Chester struck his own father for going too far, and after an attempt to send his own son to jail for it, he ended up getting arrested for child abuse, and Chester was put in an orphanage. However, he grew up and was never adopted. He left his hometown after becoming hot-tempered. He struck out at anyone who mocked him for his long caudal fin. Assault accusations left him to become an outlaw, and he soon found the anarchist city of Hephaestus, which was overrun by crime. He will soon earn his first friend with a few other mercenaries and a recently-exiled Seth Daggertooth. His powers include super-strength, super-agility, fire manipulation (Only as pure heat), sublimation, teleportation, and omnilinguism.

  • MCode: FmOllSaSsSulTpo


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