Chief Bertrand M. Barghusen is a Zootopian Moschops capensis from the underground land of Dinosica. He is a buff but very overconfident synapsid and the chief of police for the land divisions of the Paleozoic District's Permian Sector. A champion boxer in his youth, he often ends up pushing his officers over the edge, even if most of this plan works, partnered with the precinct's best officers, a Cotylorynchus named Officer Stovall, a Tapinocephalus named Officer Headley, a Sphenacodon named Officer Williston, a Dicynodon named Officer Dyce, an Anteosaurus named Officer Anton, and a Deuterosaurus named Officer Deutsch. The team had been incredibly sparse in their work since busting the wicked Datheosaurus criminal Offutt.

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