Chief Thompson K. Kiær is a Zootopian Poraspis from the underground land of Dinosica. He is the chief of police for the Silurian Sector of the Paleozoic District, running it with his entire team of officers which had been with him since his first mission, which includes a bombastic Eurypterus named Officer Eurry, an enthusiastic Rhinopteraspis named Officer Senckenberg, an aggressive yet misunderstood Pterygotus named Officer Wenlock, a confusing Acanthodes named Officer Avant, a half-selfish but half-selfless Errivaspis named Officer Errin, a very serious and cold Rhyncholepis named Officer Rhynch-Reyes, a former rehabilitated serial killer Brontoscorpio named Officer Bronson, and a cute and naïve Emucaris named Officer Patter.

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