Vector Croid Rumble
Chief Rumble
Vital statistics
Title Chief Rumble
Gender Male
Race/Species Wooly Ouroch (Merfum ourochobus woollus)
Faction Chief of Zoytian Police Department, Precinct One
Description Optimistic, Rude, Intolerable of Insubordination, Antagonistic, yet Honorable and Good at Law Enforcement
Skills and Abilities Natural Auroch-like Abilities, Strength, Endurance
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Zoo Vista City, Zoytia (Epsilon Universe, Bogthen Sector, Zoodbis System) (Hometown)
Alignment Authority Figure

Chief Vector C. Rumble is an Alternate UUniversal Ouroch from Planet Zoytia. He is a large bull similar to the extinct Auroch and is the chief of Precinct One of Zoytia's high-tech Police Department. He is a pompous and optimistic enforcer of the law who had little hopes in Sudy 'Dot' Foots for her visions and starry-eyed views of her homeworld, and even tried many times to get her out of the force, even while starting her off as a meter maid. But after she ended up unintentionally stopping criminals even at her status, and later on abandoned her post to stop a criminal because of her growing confidence, and despite many times failing, and even nearly getting fired for it, especially since his then-partner Jeffery Launche the Harrathor was encouraging such things, he ends up getting to know Dot a lot more, and one day ends up giving her 48 hours to solve a case involving a crazy conspiracy brought up by supremacist acts of a senator Octophant named Senator Whyvert Von Octovious that nearly got predators segregated. Since then, surprised she managed to do it, he finds newfound respect for Dot and her new partner and friend, Zuko Savage. He is the AUU version of Chief Bogo.


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