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The Chimera. Snake head: Saa. Goat Head: Hoofereen, also Hornereen. Tigress head: Tigra, sometimes Tigre.

The Chimera is an antagonist from the animated televison show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is a fearsome creature with a tiger's head and front legs, a goat's head and hind legs, and a snake's head for a tail. She appears in the seventeenth episode of the fourth season entitled Somepony to Watch Over Me. Outside of basicly wanting to kill a child, it didn't do it for the sake of sadistic pleasure (argueably), it was mainly a sapient creature of habit, where dispite sentience it had the normalities of a basic unsentient predator, more or less making the Chimera an uncivilised brute at best, but in Equestian Culture, Chimeras are not inheredly vengeful, as they never harm any they love the most or anyone who proves to be too worthy of an oppendent. 

Role in the episode.

The chimera tried to eat Apple Bloom and AppleJack. Apple Bloom is trying to deliver Pies and is crossing through the Flame Geyser Swamp. For Apple Bloom was trying to show that she was an independant "pony" and that she didn't always need someone to help and watch over her. When Apple Jack arrives The Chimera has Apple Bloom cornered, Applejack puts the snake head to sleep with a flute. Then she throws a chair into the tiger head's mouth, and when the chimera runs at her, the snake head's teeth get caught in a tree and the tiger head's teeth get stuck in another tree, unable to remove them. Applejack appeases the goat head with some cheese. The chimera is left trapped in the trees afterwards. And they move on. The further fate of the Chimera itself is anyone's guess. 

Role in the SAF series.

The Chimera returns as mainly a side-villain for the Spongebob and Friends series. It was also more or less a recuring joke in homage to Donkey and Dragon, only with Chi Fu. It had a tecnecal first appearence in Reverse of Fortune as a enslaved battle beast used by the Lougers when they were the elite soldiers of Sunset Shimmer, but it was mostly a minor role and wasn't seen much again afterwords. It had a real chance for a major role as a side villain in it's true debute in The Biggest Conspiracy of The Sun Princess, where she first met Chi-Fu, where it fell in love with him due to Chi-Fu's comments which originally meant to keep her from eating him, which only resulted in it wanted to mate with Chi-Fu. The Lougers and Mane 6 arrived and save Chi-Fu and chased off the sex-hungried beast. She returned in A Shell Lodge Vacation Cruise Gone Wrong Part 1, again as a side-villain when after being kicked down by a sentry rat pirate apart of the crew of Mon Capitan Le Rat, where she resumed a more traditional role and chased around Spyro and the Penguins out of being hungry after being feed with nothing but cat food by Mike Stanly The Alligator Trapper, a british rip-off of the famed Steve Irwin, the Crocadile Hunter, and chased the group out of being driven by hunger and lust for "some REAL food", only to be left anti-climaticly defeated by Spyro afterwords. It returns again in The Magic Flu, where Discord unintentionally frees the Chimera by teleporting it away from Mike Stanly and back into Equestia, where it once again chased Chi-Fu until Lord Shen managed to beat it like a boss and knocked the Chimera out, where it was assumed it was sent back to it's fire swamp home afterwords, given it basicly disappeared from the plot afterwords. It then made a much more anti-heroic role and appearence in Mayhem's Wrath, where it saved Chi-Fu from being victim of a Litteral Tiger Shark monster. After a momentarly emotional scene, Chi-Fu made amends for breaking her heart about how complincated a sexual relationship would be, and insisted for a sexless romantic relationship due to the fact Humans and Chimeras can't cross-breed, and after saving Applejack from a pack of vengeful Timber Wolves, the Chimera was made a member of the Shell Louge Squad.... As soon as Fluttershy trains the Chimera out of it's usual wild-life instints and has it to learn how to use the bathroom and to NOT eat any random person, not even villains, and basicly make it obey the same rules alot of the carnavore lougers obey.