Taishawn Monty Choptown
Vital statistics
Title Chopwild, Superior Mashirao Ojiro
Gender Male
Race/Species Common squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus)
Faction Renaissance School (Future)
Description Socially Awkward, Tough, Good-Hearted
Skills and Abilities Natural Monkey Abilities,
Status Alive
Location Kratos
  • Calypsoe, Naritius (Hometown and Current Residence)
  • Renaissance School, Prometheon, Ibianona (Future Residence)
Alignment Good

Taishawn M. Choptown, AKA Chopwild, is a Superior Common squirrel monkey from Kratos who trains in the Hera House of the Renaissance School. He is a very strange but very good-hearted martial artist whose father learned how to harness quantonium with his chi, which is what he struggled to do in his early life, as his spirit was weak due to being outshined by his brother who was actually pushing him past his limits so he can get the spirit to develop his chi. This eventually worked and he was revealed to be stronger than him and his father, and after defeating the jealous Jin Fu Hai Shoung, he was accepted as his father's successor and was brought into the Renaissance School. His ability to develop his quantonium into different abilities with his chi makes him very formidable and he would've been in Zeus House if not for his awkwardness. He is the Superior version of Mashirao Ojiro, aka Tailman from My Hero Academia, with major blends of Iron Fist.

  • MCode: Pad.


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