"As if I need to explain myself to you.... (Sighs), But, for curtisy, I am, the Cronicler."

Ahem! Well, perhaps proper introductions are in order. Allow me to introduce myself. I, am the Chronicler, an ancient dragon who first appeared in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night. I've been around for a very long time and contained immeasurable wisdom and knowledge; a dragon chosen to watch over the Books of Time, which have recorded almost every part of history and every dragon has a book dedicated to their lives.


Having Lived in isolation for over 1000 years, I am a well-learned dragon with a flare for the dramatic when it comes to speech, if I, do say so myself. For the most part, I was a narrator of sorts for the last two games of the trilogy and, well, I feel as if I'm just a background character more so than anyone else, watching the events that unfold rather than taking any real direct action. Fair's fair, I was more of an observer then a participant. The nature of this role as the Chronicler makes me a firm believer in destiny, as I had reminded Spyro that sometimes their paths are chosen for us and that it is destiny to follow them, where ever they may lead. For clarity, I believed that what is written in the Books of Time, such as the return of the Dark Master, cannot be changed or stopped. Now, don't peg me narrow-minded as to stick to one path, as when Spyro refused to do as I asked and wait with me in safety while Cynder fell to Malefor's control once again, and well, I refused to get in his way then. Granted, I would've preferred if he listened, but, I have this feeling that Spyro and Cynder's destinies were, very intertwined.


The powers that come with the role of the Chronicler include Telekinesis, Dream Manipulation and Dragon Time. Granted, by no means am I nessersarly a true Time Lord, but, I have gotten some training with it from The Great Timer, granted only enough to make me aware of historic events, even ones no normal history book by mortal man can tell you.



Over the ages, I basically became a legend known only to few, usually associated with tales of doom. I question where they got those silly notions however. I was also present with the other Dragon Elders when the first purple dragon, Malefor, underwent training before his corruption. A shame really, he had SUCH potaintional.

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

Over a thousand years later, I began contacting Spyro in his dreams immediately after Cynder left the Dragon Temple, sending the young dragon on a series of quests and reawakening Spyro's elements along the way. When Spyro told Ignitus of his dreams, he and the other Guardians were shocked to know that I was real, having believed me to be just a myth due to my preference for isolation. Don't you just hate it when you end up so obscure that people think you never existed? Anyway, Ignitus reluctantly sent Spyro on his journey to me, believing that Spyro now had a separate path than the rest of them.

After a much undo interruption from Arbor and the Scavengers, I revealed much to Spyro about the events unfolding around him, and urging him on to find me before the Night of Eternal Darkness. Along the way, I had often caused Spyro to collapse into slumber so I could speak with him, albeit, often at dangerous moments such as when Spyro was flying over an ocean. In my defense, alot of that is mostly bad timing. But, by either accident or design, Spyro survived the fall into the water by coming to rest upon a Leviathan's back, which took Spyro to the White Isle and the Celestial Caves.

It was in these Caves that Spyro was forced to partake in a number of trials to reach me, even fighting an entity based on Cynder's dark form, the Elemental Dragon. In hindsight, I, admit that part may had contributed to, future complications. After his trials were completed, Spyro came face-to-face with me, as I began to explain what really happened on the night of the raid at the Dragon Temple and what had happened to Cynder that made her become what she was. I also told Spyro the story of Malefor, how he was the first of his kind and that his raw power enabled him to master many kinds of powers, which the dragon elders willingly taught to him until his exile and his eventual transformation into the Dark Master. Yes, I know I had fibbed about that part, but it was for a greater good.

I then told Spyro why I brought him to the caves, to hide in safety until a later time. But Spyro, fearing for Cynder's safety more than his own, insisted on knowing what would happen to her. When I said that she would not be able to resist Malefor and would rejoin him, Spyro demanded that he leave to save her. Reluctantly, I showed Spyro the way and allowed him to leave. And if you are familiar with the Legend of Spyro games, you can see where this is going.

Spyro used my words to come up with the idea to freeze himself, Cynder, and Sparx in a crystal to protect them from the collapsing Mountain of Malefor. I wasn't heard again until the very last scene of the game when Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx are frozen inside the crystal, talking to the sleeping Spyro and telling him that when he awakens, the world will be different, but he will not be alone and will have allies.

Role in SAF series.

As you can probably guess, in contrast to traditional canon, I'm still around and Ignitus didn't ascended to be the new Chronicler. Well, as you already know, Spyro and Cynder's journeys, were FAR, from over. And besides, though I still don't get involve too directly, I have been a valued ally ever since my introduction to the Shell Lougers in the time they helped the dinosaur migration reached the nesting grounds in SpongeBob and Friends Meet Dinosaur, where I warned them of the trials expected with Malefor's, "Daughter" of sorts, Mirage, along with explaining the dark legacy of Lord Dread. As for why I'm back and for Ignitus back to being his former form, well, chalk this up to SAF's earliest canonical deviation to established canon.

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