Chrysalis is still grief stricken with the loss of Lord Cobra, reverted back into his former self as just Mang. Chrysalis's heart is driving her into desiding that the leage needs a stronger leader then Teen Mang, he's grown to become useless, nothing like her beloved Cobra, or the once exciting Mirage before turned back into that pathfific queen of radient garden, or those kingdom hearts anime villains, before the betrail by Xehanort, and sadly, the villain leage council is helpless into doing anything to make Teen Mang better, thanks to being stuck in constence bikkering! Now that the darkspawn have been offictally unreachable for some time, the leage is redused to be no different then the other 2 villain teams and even the mere indepentent villains of certain interests: just try to take over the united universes. Chrysalis becomes deserate. She enlists the help of Ke-pa, and offers him to become the new leader of the villain leage, in return for over-throwing Teen Mang. in doing so, the villain leage council will have to deside to let him join as new leader because of his shere power alone, and that he is shown to be a comitdent leader (reguardless of previous bad luck). Ke-pa successes and Teen Mang is exsiled out of the leage, who now realises that the leage wasn't worth leading, nor is being evil anymore. They want Ke-pa now! Teen Mang goes into hiding. Now Ke-pa intends to usher in a new era of evil for the leage, and usher it, he did. Chrysalis has finally restored the leages dignity. Now, Ke-pa wishes to return the favor, by destroying Equestia and Celestia, personally, all by himself (and his demon army thanks to Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, and Hades) Can the lougers, Alicorn Twilight, Tyro, Mang, Aqua, Ventus, Terra and their friends defeat Ke-pa for good while ending the Leage's chance for a new evil era?

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