Chu Han
Vital statistics
Title Master Chu Han
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Qilin
Faction Guardian of Xiaomia
Description Tough, Honorable, Relentless, Determined, Focused
Skills and Abilities Acrobatic, High-Level Magic, Agility, Martial Artist
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Xiaomia (Homeland)
Alignment Good

Chu Han is an Equestrian Qilin from the land of Xiaomia. He is a strong warrior for his race that was a former ronin who lost his original master to a Xiezhi gang lord, honing his skills to fight for himself and his people, as well as the honor of his master as he finally defeated the Xiezhi, all with the unintentional help of a fenghuang named Niao, who became his companion ever since. He had since been searching for more and became the student of Zodiac, who trained him to be much stronger and becoming the only warrior that The Terror Shogun couldn't defeat in his quest to become stronger than his master. After his master was defeated by Terror Shogun, he swore to protect him from anyone with his own life. Chu Han is noted for his body which is covered in magical pinyin that glow as he fights, and he is similar in personality to Samurai Jack.


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