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Chuck Chucky Chaykovsky
Chuck Hobgoblin.png
Vital statistics
Title Chuck-Chuck, Cocky Chuck, Chucker, The Eddy Hobgoblin.
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Hobgoblin
Faction Stromtrolli and Mr. Lawerence's Pony Slave Trade (Defunct)
Description Defected at Birth, Only Two Fingers, Amputated Deformed Feet Replaced With Peglegs, Abnormally-Stubby-and-Short Nose, Comically Crazy
Skills and Abilities Little to Ridiculous
Status (TBA...)
Location Equestria (Homeland)
Alignment Evil

Chuck C. Chaykovsky is a member of a trio of hobgoblins apart of Stormtrolli's private HobGoblin tribe army, who relied on Pony servicemenship to help the tribe thrive. when it became illegal, the Hobgoblin tribe dispised Equestia ever since, Chuck Espiecally. His elders deside that the wide-spread Hobgoblin tribe is to join Stormtrolli and Mr. Lawerence in their cause to get pony slaves one way or another. Chuck is a birth-defected Hobgoblin, with only two fingers, feet were too deformed that they were cut-off and replaced with poorly contructed peglegs that limited his speed, an intrestingly stunted nose cause Hobgoblins normally have long noses and an Eddy from Ed Edd and Eddy like appearence. He is apart of a huge raiding party that rotinely attack a random pony area and snag ponies for the sake of keeping the tribe aflout and appeasing Stormtrolli. But when he and the Hobgoblins snag 5 certain mares, their fate is on a colidion chorse of due commupence. His reasons are personal, his parents from when he was young were killed by guards for refuseal of surrendering pony slaves, and has also adopted Stormtrolli's lust for greed and wealth.


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