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Chuck Le Poi-Son
Chuck Le Poi-Son.png
Vital statistics
Title Chuck the Poison
Gender Male
Race/Species Gray-Striped Vlunk (Toxomustiria phaeos)
Faction Villains Act (Formerly)
Description Guilty, Repressed, Scared, Often Bitter and Sensitive
Skills and Abilities Natural Odor Glands, Expert Chemist and Weapon Designer
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Nonnus (Eta Universe, Dalimpir Sector, Dorkk System) (Homeworld)
  • Vadrozume (Eta Universe, Anderem Sector, Stryme System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Reformed

Chuck Le Poi-Son is an Alternate UUniversal Vlunk from Planet Nonnus. He is knowledgeable in a vast number of poisons and chemicals as a former member of the Villains Act. His membership was brief and he only committed bioterrorism on the planet of Qaclite. Eventally, almost before the act's fall, he desided to reform from his ways and ran away to an unmapped toxic planet away from the troubles. He was welcomed there and always forgiven by the natives and become a liked member of the community. However, he'll eventally have to face his sins again in the form of a vengence seeking Councilwoman Lotus.


Chuck was born on Planet Nonnus and descended from gas farmers from Everworld in a very complex society. However, nobody seemed to like him since he couldn't seem to control his stink glands. The only friends he seemed to make are other Vlunks. However, when his stink overloaded when he continues his work at a library, the city considers him a menace to society, and he is arrested for disturbing the peace.

Believing no one could face the fact that it was an accident even dispite that everyone actselly did got the idea he didn't meant such, Chuck relucently became a bioterrorist for the Villains Act, under the tutering of Darkness Qui, in terms of manufacturing biological weaponry, establishing gas farms on a few worlds to harvest toxic gases. However, after seeing the devastation caused by his first bioterrorist attack on the planet of Qaclite, and almost before the Act's offical fall, he quits, reforms, and runs away to a planet not found on the maps called Vadrozume where people don't mind smells, not just to be nice and a strong tolerence to smells in due to the planet being natroly stinky, but because that they have a religious policy of being forgiving. He becomes a liked member of their community, and lives in peace and happiness.