Cibarron Perby Meason Crowne
Vital statistics
Title Founder Cibarron, Sir Cibarron
Gender Male
Race/Species Aurmsean
Faction Founder of the Cibarron Sector, The Crowne Empire (Pre-Death)
Description Pompous, Courageous, Self-Righteous, Self-Respectful, Overly Ambitious, Thrill-Seeker, Somewhat Masochistic, Double-Jointed Arms and Legs, Autistic
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Intelligence and Versatility, Self-Learner, Expert Survival
Status Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Crownsville, Chimerum (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Dijigon System) (Hometown)
Alignment Neutral Good

Cibarron P.M. Crowne was an Alternate UUniversal Aurmsean from Planet Chimerum and member of the multi-racial extended royal family of The Crowne Empire and of the royal Crowne Family, the self-proclaimed rulers of the Theta Universe who founded each arm of the Theta Universe. Cibarron was a courageous, if though rather pompus and self-rightious, adventurer who served countless times in the empire's imperial forces and the namesake founder of the Cibarron Sector of the Theta Universe, founding it's very ambitious society. Cibarron had always been an overly ambitious voyager and has been known to go after challnages too great for mortal beings, which you can safely guess it was how he died. Though he may not be as dead as he seems as his presence can be felt in many corners of the Cibarron Arm, tying to the myth that he and all other sectorial founders became Sectorials, or figures that are guardian angels who watch each arm of a Universe's Unigalax.

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