Cidne Hightstown is an Alternate UUniversal Junja Shark Empirid from Planet Ientasy. He is a very rough dreamer and spaceman that traveled the Fantar-Gorra System doing odd jobs to finance an obsessive dream to get out of the system and into farther space, doing antihero jobs on the side but had eventually fallen flat when his ship was decommissioned and crashed into a town called Rockettown. He was also a Zyaūar Master in training who never got to complete his training even after the favors he did for all the other saviors of the Fantar-Gorra System, wielding an endless array of blades and a double-bladed staff. He served as an airship designer and engineer on Fantasmo, Wight, and Blumex, was an ingenious tech knight of impressive magnitudes on Mythryma, Eoron Zin, and Grania, built the modern crystal power sources of Voia, helped Saveara create it's thaumnological (tech magic) armies, was a tech baron and abbot for Gaera and Aeana, recovered the most dangerous apocalyptic airships of Wya, ran a tech shack on Zoeneo Eos, and even accidentally became an enemy on Ivallonica by building war machines for massive profit and almost got it in a destructive war, all for the funding towards his dream. But his ship got destroyed and runaground after a failed outer-system launch when President Cornsby shut down the program after hearing Cidne embezzled money from him so to afford residence of a paradise planet, causing him to be a fugitive to Shïïmra isolated in his destroyed ship with his wife Shydra and even loses hope in himself after being told a horrid truth, but perks up and becomes someone better after Erroe and some new friends join his side, helping to defeat Jovana. He is the AUU version of FFVII Cid, but more like his Final Fantasy Machinabridged counterpart, and with roles of every other Cid in the Final Fantasy franchise. (TBC...)

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