Cighry Yuh Darkout
Cighry Yuh Darkout
Vital statistics
Title The Zyaūar Killer
Gender Male
Race/Species Titanoid
Faction Independent Ancient Genocidal Nihilist
Description Merciless and Violent Sadist, Heartless and Soulless Murderer, Careless and Cruel Maniac, Masochistic, Judgmental and Xenophobic Against Zyaūar Masters, Extreme neglect of claws and toenails.
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Enhanced Strength, Durability, Flight, Dark Magic of Untold Origin Granting Countless Unstoppable Spells And Powers, Dark Magic Enhancement Amulet Permanently Fused In His Chest And Heart, (Though obscured by traditional Titanoid Robe Piece for less obviousity) Dark Sythe-Hook and Spiked Ball-Club attacthed to extremely strong chains Capable Of Killing Anything, Including Immortals, perpetual blood-crying blakened red pupel eyes, sharp surrated manables, the very neglected claws and toenails.
Status Suspended in Another Dimension accessed only in an obscure planet.
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Tammon (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Sipbus System) (Homeworld)
  • Zeymti (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector) (Imprisonment Site)
Alignment Merciless Evil
Cighry Yuh Darkout is an Alternate UUniversal Titanoid from Planet Tammon. He was a rogue hunter of Zyaūar Masters from ancient times who was a severe, ruthless, and sadistic tyrant that killed with no sign of decency, and never learned how to speak the universal language as he viewed it as subjective allegiance to a lowly normal existence. Ever since his people were driven into poverty and eventual extinction in Tammon as a result of fines and embargoes left by the Zyaūar Masters as punishment for his warlord father's crimes during a war, his father died of atrophy years later and Cighry began a sworn oath of prejudice and genocide against Zyaūar Masters, threatening to destroy their civilizations. He starts by stealing a sacred empowerment artifact that gave him this strength as he destroyed half the Zyaūar colonies while collecting and tainting all their weaponry as trophies, eventually stealing a deadly sword called the Darko Blade that could slice through even divinium and neutronium. His power, as well as his incapacitative array of stolen weapons made him unstoppable as the Zyaūar Resistance tried for years to stop him but hardly prevailed. It wasn't until he was stopped by a young recruit for the Zyaūar Masters named Gusgry Ahn Xœlong, who saw him kill his Zyaūar Master father and mother in cold blood with no thought or care and left his crying hopeless son to die alone. He had him imprisoned inside a pocket dimensional capsule sending him to a reality where literally nothing exists which is hidden deep within the bowels of a rogue planet called Zeymti in UIS territory, where he remained imprisoned for eons, vowing to return and exact his revenge, unaware that years later, the Zyaūar Masters would become nearly-extinct, and should he be freed, he would seek out and destroy every last one of them, particularly the descendant of Gusgry, ZoZo Ahn Xœlong. He is a prejudicial monster who killed Zyaūar Masters for pleasure, and enjoys the pain they inflict upon him, suggesting a masochistic side. He shows no hesitation from killing even the children of any Zyaūar Master, or leaving them to die, because he believes that any of them will dedicate their lives to revenge, regardless of how impossible it seems. He will stop at nothing to wipe out Zyaūar Master potential completely, even if others have to be harmed. Despite suffering several injuries in his genocidal campaign, he rebuilds and replaces his body with soulless machinery, allowing him to live as long as he needs to if it means he achieves his goal. He has the skill to take down any fighter that stands in his way, and his campaign remained unchallenged for years until his inevitable defeat.


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