Cindy Oprah Summer
Vital statistics
Title Cindy the Renegade, Cindy the Swimmer
Gender Female
Race/Species Wade (Neustolestida pacificus) (Fictional)
Faction Independent Vagabond
Description Orphaned, Brony (Or the female term, Pegasister), Giggly, Timid, Tenacious, Sweet Tooth, Quick, Hesitant, Curious, Lovely, Caring, Supportive, Smart
Skills and Abilities Natural Semi-Aquatic Ability, Acrobatic, Texan Skill, Expert Swimmer, Martial Arts, Increased Senses, Scientific and Strategic Intelligence
Status Alive
Location SpongeBob World
  • Wadelands (Birthplace)
  • Houston, Texas (Foster Home)
Alignment Good

Cindy O. Summer is a Wade from SpongeBob's world. She is an independent semi-aquatic rodent related to the Cretaceous dryolestids, she was born in the Wadelands, but her father left with her as a baby when he was exiled for leaving a bad impression on King Atlantis. She has been raised by her biological father in Texas, but he died of an amoebic illness, leaving her to look after herself ever since, training herself to fight off against the dangers of her foster home. Thus, after years of growing up on an impressionable environment, she became a whimsical person on par with Twilight Sparkle, wanting to learn boundless knowledge about the world around her and wishing for a friend, yet couldn't find one because of the risks due to her species and thus became antisocial and introverted, and actually hides her perky and giggly personality behind an aggressive, tough, and silent attitude which she gained by watching Tempest Shadow in the 2017 MLP Movie, a character of which she gravely sympathizes with given their near-similar pasts, kicking people's butts for insisting to do what they want to her, whether it be for her or for them, and learns life lessons mainly through he MLP series, but when they didn't help, the movie gave her an understanding through Tempest that life isn't meant to be easy, making her a very tragic and socially-confused girl. She wished for a life of her own since she was exiled and she felt she would never be accepted by her kind again, dodging too-curious humans, disguising herself as a squirrel within the public, and doing what she could on her own. However, the first one to learn of her true nature was Randy Cheeks, who fell in love with her after being lonely without a girlfriend as many of whom he knew had their own love interests, accidentally discovering the disguise, and spied on her, discovering her secret bubbly personality, and has to become a hero and get his twin sister Sandy, among others, to help save her from a threat in the form of a bombardier beetle named Fromage Le Boom. She has a voice on par with Jessie Flower, though she can switch to a normal tone to a dark and very tough one once she gets her tough attitude on, and just enough to protect herself from minor threats, having a near similar personality to Toph Beifong of Avatar, though can see perfectly well, and being twice as tough in non-elemental martial arts.


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  • (As she and Randy watched the MLP Movie by the end, the two were sobbing)... "These songs... THEY STILL MAKE ME CRY! (Randy:... IT DOES FOR ME, TOO!!! *Sniff*... I'm glad we met each other, and discovered we, and even Twilight for that matter... Have a lot in common...)... Thank you... For helping me find my place again!... I... I love you! (Randy:... I love you, too!")... (They got up and sung Rainbow by Sia, dancing, and it ended with the two kissing)"
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