Cira Ollar Thammock VII
Cira Thammock VII
Vital statistics
Title Thammock VII, Cira the Annihilator
Gender Female
Race/Species Hontor (Phanthera volkus)
Faction Villains Act
Description Enhanced Body, Faulty Artificial Cerebellum Corrupts Her Mind
Skills and Abilities Natural Agility, Enhanced Nervous System, Prosthetic Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia, Eye Implants, Cybernetic Bones, Increased Flexibility, Dexterity, Reflexes, Phaser Pistol, Phaser Bombs, Vibrosword, Vibroknives, Nanobot Antibodies
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Thammock Lands, Narene (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Jargassa System) (Homeland, Current Residence)
Alignment Accidentally Corrupted

Cira O. Thammock VII is an Alternate UUniversal Hontor from Planet Narene. She is the ruthless tyrant leader of the Thammock Empire that rests in most of the Jargassa System in the Theta Universe. Ever since her father died, she had claimed his role as President, and had taken control of the Presidencies of all the other 4 worlds in the system, as well as their entire courts and Senates. She then formed the Thammock Empire under the wing of the Villains Act, and though she rules with cruel laws, she constantly tries to keep order in it by regulating the people's needs. Though it's not out of intentional kindness, it's mainly anti-rebellion insurance. Though she is still considered just too tyrannical to lead, and an entire group of rebels try to take her down. With the rebels being lead by the true heir to her Presidency, her brother Varque Thammock, as well as a few of her other family members, she constantly keeps her rule stable. But even without the support of the Villains Act after it's disbanding, her empire still remains untouched. Even the Heroes Act struggles to take her down. But it will be a matter of time before she is finally stopped. She is renowned for her surgical and cybernetic enhancements that her father built into her to make her an asset to his military such as cybernetic bones, an enhanced nervous system, and a cybernetic cerebellum and basal ganglia. She would seem to be destined to permanently maintain this rule unless reality suddenly decided to alter itself to a more favorable position that affects even the unchanged tyranny of Cira.


Cira was born on the Planet Narene in the imperial government of Thammock, ruled by her father, Thammock VI. She grew up dreaming of becoming a martial artist and great asset to her father's military. As part of the military's regulations, she had to undergo surgical and cybernetic enhancements before joining. So at age 14, she was put under an augmentation process that enhanced her nervous system, replaced her cerebellum with a more advanced prosthetic, gave her eye implants, some cybernetic bones, and a few serums that increased her flexibility, dexterity, and reflexes. She had served in the military for a few years until something went horribly wrong for her. Her cerebellum implant had malfunctioned when she was electrocuted way too much by criminals, and since it couldn't handle the pressure like other cerebellum implants, the changes went to her amygdala, which caused her personality to switch from kind and noble to power-hungry and ruthless. She was officially made evil, and quit the military ever since.

Her father was shocked at what had happened to his daughter, and had died of a broken heart soon afterward. But when his son, Varque, had been chosen to take the throne, Cira returned and single-handedly usurped the throne, killing off part of the guards, banishing Varque, and rigging the government and taking control of their courts and Senate, as well as the governments of the other worlds in the system. Scientists had discovered a year later on the exact same day that Cira approved the Thammock Empire to the Villains Act that the electrocution she had experienced had left her amygdala altered at a horrible degree, and that is the reason she was like this. Cira refused to allow them to save her since she claimed that she had hated her father for not choosing her as the heir to his throne like she wanted, yet people hadn't known whether this was true or not. But many clinged to it being wrong since the malfunctioned implant made her say mean things that the real and original Cira would never say, especially that Cira didn't originally care for political power. This was also proven when Cira had insulted many of her childhood friends for trying to talk Cira out of her new questionable life choices. Cira had been part of the Villains Act, and ruled Thammock with an iron fist. And her physical and cybernetic prowess had proved that nobody, not even the Heroes Act or the Legion, could stop her.

But as unpleasantly despicable as Cira became, the people of the Empire weren't forming a rebellion out of true hate for her, even though her actions as a tyrant are often why they even go after her alone, but it's mainly to force Cira to be saved from her condition whether she appreciated it or not. This is especially true to the rest of the Thammock family, including Vargue, who knew that his sister was just a victim of a horrible accident that had resulted in the scientists not taking care of her implant enough. Thus to avoid risks like that, the cerebellum implant was made illegal for the military and strict for those people who require a cerebellum implant in an injury. Varque had lead the rebellion against Cira and has tried for years to get her back to normal with little success.

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