Crag Girron Cirrus
Cirrus the Sky Genius
Vital statistics
Title Cirrus the Sky Genius
Gender Male
Race/Species Brown Rynx (Rynx fuscus)
Faction Para Knights
Description Dramatic, Nerdy, Enthusiastic
Skills and Abilities Intelligent, Standard-Issue Para Knight Equipment, Energy Blades and Pulse Rifle, Martial Arts, Ability To Tell Color Despite Natural Color-Blindness, Natural Animal Abilities, Uranium Armor, GravWing-10 Hoverpack
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Nygia (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Waifu System) (Homeworld/Current Residence)
Alignment Renegade Hero

Crag G. Cirrus is an Alternate UUniversal Rynx from Planet Nygia. He is the engineer and scientist of the Para Knights who built most of the high-tech lasers, gadgets, machinery, and mainly the Skyscream spaceship's AI, Airis. He may be the smartest of the Para Knights, but he is a bit nerdy, and can be a bit dramatic and enthusiastic at times. He can even learn how to quickly use another's weapon with the same effectiveness as the original owner.


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Crag naturally has good smell, hearing, and eyesight. But being a dog-like feline, he's color blind. But he is trained to tell which color is which, a skill called chromothysing, which is taught to almost all color blind sentient animals. He became experienced in Tueintsu (A Zoian version of Ninjitsu), knowing grand combat skills. Getting a master's degree in electronics, mechanics, physics, and other sciences, he is a genius and a master mechanic. He carries with him an ISD device which allows him to carry his tools, his 2 cyan electrical energy blades, and his M92 Particle Pulse Rifle. He even wears armor made of uranium, and wears a GravWing-10 Wing Pack for antigravity individual flight.

As a Para Knight, he rides his own Skewer aircraft fighter that he constructed on his own, as well as the Skewers of most of the other Para Knights. His is named Brainstorm, being powered by a mini fusion reactor, being propelled by 4 turbine thrusters, and is the only Skewer that is given an auto-repair programming. The Brainstorm is also armed with 2 turbolaser cannons, and has 2 missile launchers.

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