Clail's Elites

Clail's Elite Six (Left to right: Yellow-Belli, Poison-Berry, Blood-Lust, Green-Nuts, Bore-Ange, and Stu-Ped)

General Clail-Oxide's Elite Soldiers are six Soldier Atonts from Planet Selcron. They are considered the 'finest' his hive produced. When really that the General is all too aware of, they're a group of total misfits that're as useful as using a stick to stop a warhead. Their conflicting intelligence (or lack there of), varied bravery (or lack there of), over-obedience (or lack there of) and over-all extremely unorganised guards that even Clail himself wonders why did he got involved with these guys.

The Elite.

  1. Captain Bloot-Lusa- Nicknamed 'Cpt. Blood-Lust', this is the elite leader who, despite having an often sane personality, can sometimes be a schizophrenic person who kills for pleasure. Though this can make him a questionable choice, his strategic skill in his job of blood-lust can be useful, and it's what makes him leader of the group. He's violent, easily-provoked, short-tempered, with some claiming cannibalistic.
  2. Lieutenant Gree-Bani- Nicknamed 'Lt. Green-Nuts' due to a mutation that makes his body green instead of red, this is the noblemen son of a very rich colony's queen aiming to prove his worth to his family by being a guard and by far the only more-sane one. He's also structurally skinnier than usual guard standards. He's morally-aware on how truly unsavory Clail is, but his need to prove his worth keeps him obedient. It's ironic he's not the leader instead of Bloot because which is why he's the darker green second leader. Though without Yellow-Belli's help, getting Blood-Lust to listen is like trying to have a conversation with a dangerious animal.
  3. Private Toxo-Oxide- Nicknamed 'Pvt. Poison-Berry' for it being his favorite food that he is naturally immune to, this is the highest-ranking private in the elite. He is the first cousin of Clail who is over-excitable, over-positive, and extremely suggestive. He's easily prone to do whatever Clail asks and almost never questions it unless if it is morally concerning. This is to be expected due to their family bond. He made friends with someone who is a complete oppisite.
  4. Private Borm-Agu- Nicknamed 'Pvt. Bore-Ange', this is one of the three minor elites who has a similar personality to Mr. Sunshine from CatDog. Though he is an excellent fighter and a ruthless one, he has a Ben Stein-like monotone voice and is bored of everything beyond belief. Even when reacting to pain he says it in a boring way. He doesn't even give very strong chases and FAR from looks like he's a good guard. He doesn't seem to experience any kind of emotion. It's been implied he suffers from a mental condition called Thyker's Syndrome, which is a simple case of extreme chronic depression. He's ironically friends with Toxo, an extreme opposite of what he is.
  5. Private Yilbe-Lusa- Nicknamed 'Pvt. Yellow-Belli', this is a minor elite who is known for having a similar cowardice to Luigi. He is afraid of even his own shadow, and the last ever guard who should consider being even a normal guard, let alone an elite. He's only a guard so he can make sure Bloot, who is his brother, doesn't cause too much trouble and otherwise doesn't want to be an elite guard, let alone any guard. He's the only one Bloot never harms, not even in his most rabid unless by accident.
  6. Private Stu-Bani- Nicknamed 'Pvt. Stu-Ped', this is the lowest-ranking private member of the elite who, as the name implies, is stupid and mentally-retarded, and had a white low-private combat uniform until he intentionally put it in the washer with Bloot's red uniform, thus making it pink due to it being his favorite color. Though this does make him ridiculed by the rest of the Atont Royal Guard, he can easily fight as well as any other elite guard. He's the brother of Lt. Green, who tries to keep him from making a moron out of himself and always has to justify his poor decisions as 'he doesn't know any better'.
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