Clance Bucky Beaver
Vital statistics
Title Clancey, Clance-Buck
Gender Male
Race/Species North American beaver (Castor canadensis)
Faction Independent
Description Very Mean and Manipulative
Skills and Abilities Natural Beaver Abilities
Status Imprisoned
Location Dragon Realms (Homeworld)
Alignment Greedy Evil

Clance Bucky Beaver is a beaver from the Dragon Realms who once hosted a talent show as a means of tricking the most talented into permanently having him as being their agent in order to get money. He is a greedy beaver that cares mostly about money, and will stop at nothing, including bribery, to get what he wants, even having a kiwi assistant named Marco Nightingale. Eventually, his mean attitude cost him that chance and got him sent to jail, where he unfortunately shares a cell with a homosexual bulldog to this very day.


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