Clare Lilith Buckington
Clare Buckington
Vital statistics
Title Clarington, Princess Charming
Gender Female
Race/Species Centaur
Faction Professor Eagle Beak (Formerly)
Description Currently Turned Ugly
Skills and Abilities Charm Spells, Multiple Magic Spells
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Unspecified Mythic Beast/Being/Creature Boot Camp (Penal Residence)
Alignment Evil

Clare Buckington is a rival of Princess Alice, a Heather from the total drama series near-clone and, sadly, Brandon's greater loveintress. She is a leader of a group of diva Centars that are there to make everyone miserable, and worse, break down any girl's hopes and dreams to be popular in any means nessersary. Wheter it's with Magic or underhanded pranks, Clare always ensured that NO ONE becames greater then her, exspically not the princess of her own people. Unlike her dragon assisent, Gary Skalesworth, Clare has incredable respect for Celestia.... but only when she is around. Clare is secretly jealious that Celestia is tecnecly more popular then her because of being ruler of Equestia, and in fact, the reason magic university exsit. Clare wishes to have Celestia removed as a problem so she can be popular all around, and to do so, she relucently has to put up with an over-zealious, ambitious, and self impourent Professor Eagle-Beak. Reguardless, she'll put up with his obnoxious glouting if it means she'll be on top. Ironicly, she also wants to earn the princess's respect as ANOTHER form of becoming the ultamate popular being by making Twilight, and Spike her friends, but at the heavy cost of leaving Taiku, Alice and the "loser birgade" in the form of the others, thanks to the fact very bad first impressions on the forementioned have accured, and shows a very trusting nature. She knows powerful charm magic only to better herself, as well as some spells to remove certain traits to elimate rival popular girls as a threat should they refused to join her. When she returned in Reverse of Fortune, it was revailed that Clare's asperations for vainity is more then just being obcessed with beauty. Clare had an older sister she admired greatly and then lost her from sickness. Clare considered her beauty her only way of remembering her, and in thanks to Taiku and Friends ruining her beauty with a shaved head and a missing tooth, Clare has only became even more vengeful and petty to the point that altering reality that even disbenifits villains is worth having her beauty back again. But it would once again leave her open to more punishment.


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  • "Whatever. Twilight is my key to be the most popular girl in Equestia. All i have to do, is make her think i'm the much better Centaur than Princess Whines-A-Lot."
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