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The Clasher Clan is among the best thieves in Sly Cooper's world. They are expert thieves that even Cooper's father had come to respect. Sly himself has never met the Clan, but his father had once claimed that a member of their family was once a member of them, yet quit for an unexplained reason, and has never been seen ever since, unspecified if he is still alive or in action. The team is quite evil and classic bad, and have claimed to defeat Coopers in battle, yet people like Sly refuse to believe that claim. It's members have their own talents and skill that make them among the most infamous thieves that gave them true respect. Lead by the gazelle Malinda Gazebo, the toughest and more physically-fit thief of the entire team.


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  • Malinda Gazebo- A Soemmerring's gazelle who is quite a vexing leader, but one good enough to keep the Clan alive. She has been a former porn star who was shunned for it in her later years, and this ultimately ended in a life of thievery when nobody wanted her for a job. She has since built up her career as a thief, and got plenty of members to assist her.
  • Drake Dragonia- An Asian water monitor who, despite having little muscle, he makes up for it by having a hot temper 'worthy of the Devil'. He commonly wields his own alcohol as a weapon in dozens of different ways.
  • Mandarin Mally- A Mandarin duck who is a powerful demolitions expert, expert marksman, and former assassin. He has excellent accuracy and can blow up anything when even the best fighters least expect it.
  • Brawny Derm- An elephant who was treated from an eating disorder that turned him so muscular, he could tear down a skyscraper. He has quite a rage problem, and when he's enraged, not many people survive.
  • Professor Nary Wall- A narwhal who has a similar personality to Doctor Blowhole, but instead of a scooter, he has a powered exo-suit that he can enter and exit to increase his fighting capabilities. He serves as an analysis expert, strategist, inventor, hacker, and anything that the Clan needed that required intelligence.
  • Looney Logan- A common loon who has quite a Shakespearian edge and a psychopathic personality. His best skill is taunting his opponents, fooling and deceiving them, and doing stealthy missions while using explosives and guns.
  • Boomer Range- A dingo who is best known for wielding two boomerangs with deadly accuracy. He has a menacing growl, is very feral and hot-tempered at times, and is excellent in acrobatics.
  • Kata Nuki- A tanuki who wields two custom-made katana and wakazashi, and is skilled in martial arts and stealth.
  • Josh Cooper (Formerly)- A raccoon who is one of the Cooper Clan, and a former member who quit for unknown reasons, and when he left, the Clan kept his props and traces, planning to use them for a perfect time. He is a distant cousin to Sly Cooper.