Issac Livter Carlyle
Clast revamp
Vital statistics
Title Clast
Gender Male
Race/Species Purple-Scale Gurko (Gyhermya purpureus)
Faction Villains Act
Description Sophisticated and Polite (In Better Moods), Professional, Avoids Being Over-The-Top About Being A Villain, Bitter, Vengeful, Easily Prone To Anger (In his worse moods)
Skills and Abilities Master Weapon Designer, Saboteur, And Mad Bomber, Backup Jet-Pack.
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Homeworld)
  • Clast Bomb Stronghold, Gastar (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Theelon System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Wronged Soul

Issac L. Carlyle, AKA Clast, is an Alternate UUniversal Gurko from Planet Xorizome. He was once a wealthy business owner who created weapons for the military until the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council ordered the Alpha Feds to investigate his company, and shut it down for the manufacturing of illegal explosives for the Villains Act. However, they were unaware that he was not the greedy business man he was believed to be. A reknown general of the Villains Act kiddnapped his family and promised their safe return in exchange for weaponry. Because of Clast getting arrested, and that the general had a disobedient assistant that didn't appreciate dumb luck, his family was murdered as a result. Clast blames the Council for not listening to his pleas, and soughts revenge. His seeking for venegnce is so great, he ironicly joined the Villains Act as a mad bomber and saboteur. He vanished sometime when the VA was destroyed and avoided arrest and hid away with his henchmen Bomb-Sard. He prefers to be in a business outfit, believing that just because he's a terrorest now doesn't mean he has to dress like one, and prefers to dress in a more "Harmless" looking fastion to not cause automatic panic before he even gets to explain his motives. He does wear a jetpack undereath the nice suit though for quick escapes, but not much else as he doesn't believe in physical confrontational violence (ironic to his career as a terrorest), though not out of being a pasifist or a cowerd, of which he's neither, but because he views himself "Too Gentlemenly" for "The work of Helpers", which is why Bomb-Sard mostly handles all the work while Clast masterminds it in safety.


Issac was born on Planet Xorizome as the son of a rich family. When he grew up, he became a great businessman for the military AND for the Heroes Act. However, when the Villains Act General named Tex appeared, he bribed Issac into manufacturing illegal explosives for them, or his wife and kids would die (which wasn't really gonna happened because of Tex's life is valuable religen). His assistant, Bobby (later Bomb-sard), and his workers were also brainwashed into serving the Villains Act so they wouldn't interfear. Having no choice, Issac did as he was told.

However, The Alternate UUniversal Grand Council discovered his operation, shut down his company, and arrested him. Tex was by all means forgiving of this mishap cause it was out of Clast's hands and only intented on turning Clast's family into slaves in the sulfer minds, then had intentions on releasing them back to Clast after he served his time. However, Tex's disobedient second hand man, Lt Blacker, was less forgiving on something that happened out of bad luck. As punishment and part of a ploy to turn Clast into a periment member, Blacker had killed his family by making a forgery tricking some Starbots that Tex had ordered an exicution, and had prior ensure that the Grand Council was tricked into punishing him by making a fake hologram video that Clast did it for profit, ensuring that Clast has no proof that the VA had leverage. Tex discovered this too late and was furious by Blacker's disobedience. Tex, thanks to being the VA's voice of reason and had a great deal of respect from Qui, was able to get Blacker punished for "Yarging out on the VA" by doing this to ensure a periment membership to the VA, and Blacker was exicuted, while he was screaming like a cowerd, begging for his life. But still, the damage was done. Issac was still a ruined, famililess man from this, left broken, embittered, and enraged. Clast was so angry that he blamed the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council for the loss of his wife and children. He secretly stole one of the Villains Act's brainwashing helmets, and de-brainwashed Bobby, who helped him escape from prison to exact his revenge. It will take a few years for him to do that since he would need to arm himself with enough equipment.

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