Baelfire Jeremy Clawson
Vital statistics
Title Clawson
Gender Male
Race/Species Jaguar (Panthera onca)
Faction Herbavoris Predator Underground
Description Obese, Gluttonous, Comically Expressive
Skills and Abilities Natural Cat Abilities
Status Still at Large
Location Herbavoris, Zootopia (Hometown)
Alignment Neutral Good

Baelfire J. Clawson is a Zootopian jaguar from the infamous police-city state known as Herbavoris. As with all predators, he is lawfully required to wear a Tame Collar at all times. He is one of Rick Milde's friends who lives in the Herbavoris Predator Underground. He is a big eater by personality and nature, and has lead to ridicule because of improper waight. But he takes it in stride, being a surprisingly high road sort of person and always looks at things with a positive beat.

Clawson is a parallel to Clawhauser, who was originally among the circle of original Nick Wilde's friends.


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