Another set of Isolated Systems have been exposed, and strangely..... They came to clean. The Cleenens are a race of soap based fungal goop obcessed with cleanliness to the point that their semi-teadr 1 tec has been made to have successfully eradicated germs and microbes in their systems. The reasoning because the Cleenens have extremely miserable ammune systems to the point that even a minor interaction of an outsider without their extremely protective bubble hazmat suits would turn the touch-ee into paient zero and potaintionally doom the entire spieces. It didn't help that the reason for their Teadr assendsion was because they were heavy victims of a historial baterial outbreak caused by a sick rodent. Now, the Cleenens aim to destroy germs and deceases in the AUU, which while tecnecally not a nessersarly bad thing, their methods to do so has put them at incredable odds with the universes as they used Exile-Sheild like devices called "Cleaner Triangles" to entrap worlds with germs in them to a sheild designed to basicly give the worlds a sci-fi bath and induse cleaning chemicals to kill germs perimentally and destroy deceases, and subugate the worse of the "Dirty Worlds", like Pharagu, into a Qurrintine Cleaner Triangle that has more intenser cleaning chemicals to kill germs and filth. But the more intense is to come when the Cleenens came to meet their worse nightmare: The Plaguogans. It turns out that the sickly rodent was an anichent Plago that managed to get to pre-isolated Cleanser system and introdused the worse of his people's sickness onto the already germ cautious folk, but thanks to his moronic accsidental bio-terrorisum, it was what created the Cleenens as they are now. Even with the Plagos being on the path of good behavior, the Cleenens could not help to have a serious panic attack at the sight of the rodents that almost destroyed their civilisation, so they condemned the Plagu homeworld of Virussoa to an Astro-Lazer like Cleaning Space Station amply named Mr. Cleanze, a station with a lazer that would clean Virussoa so hard it would even end up killing living things in the process because of how effective it is at killing germs and other forms of cells, leaving the planet to be resetted to start anew. The Grand Council and  Sir Pernickity, the new Plagu ruler, deside that it's time to get the Cleenens to calm the fuck down before they end up doing something that'll risk panic and/or their destruction by a powerful race that would feel threaten by Mr. Cleanze, as well as to curtail UIS who are trying to capture the Cleenens, send them back to their systems AND build a memory erazer station as ordered by Madam President who is trying to prevent another set of systems from "Losing their Independence". Can the Lougers and the HA get the Cleenens to clean up their act AND get UIS to come clean and stop their memory wipe operation and from resolving the problem in a dirty way?

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